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  • Rebuilding the Temple

    Rebuilding the Temple

    I am the ruined temple one that stood glorious before I am the broken vessel, a bag torn and tattered in which nothing can be stored I am cursed and hopeless as I reap little of what I have sown I stand unclean before You, tainted, and unworthy before Your throne You commission me to […]

  • Be with Me: Be Holy For I am Holy

    Be with Me: Be Holy For I am Holy

    Be with me I hear a call within my Heart Be with me, The God of Israel, part of the Holy nation, eternally set apart Enter into my courts, past the brazen altar, into the Holy place Past the veil, as a purified priest face to face The things I think of You, the many […]

  • Remember Me

    Remember Me

    Remember me, oh believer, remember me I cry For when I am forgotten in your generation it is destined to die I am the ever flowing river, the true vine, the brazen serpent of salvation Turn not away from me, For I am a jealous God, and desire you to be a sanctified and holy […]

  • All The Glory to You: Numbers

    All The Glory to You: Numbers

    Number your people, number your might Count all that has been given in prosperity and plight Each generation accounted for, every family member,genealogy and name I, Your God, will stand greater no matter how great your number, or how vast you became Number all of your flock, but not to boast in what you have […]

  • Keep what has been committed Part 2

    Keep what has been committed Part 2

    Grace the essence of God is the second principle seen within the epistle of 1 Timothy. Paul is mentioned in many of the epistles, chief of sinners and most wretched of them all but by the grace of God was counted righteous and faithful to minister the truth of the gospel to the gentiles. The […]

  • I’m a Puzzle

    I’m a Puzzle

    I’m a puzzle with broken pieces One that none can figure out As I lay out countless fleeces I cannot settle or put together my doubt I’m a vase with shattered shards One with clay hardened and unable to be molded As I put up walls with dimensions of countless yards I am still broken […]

  • Meet Me on The Mount

    Meet Me on The Mount

    Meet me on the mount it’s the call the climber received Try as he may the climber has been deceived Meet me on the mount it has been the climber’s heart cry Try, try harder, try harder the climber will surely die Meet me on the mount; meet me at a standard I have set […]

  • I am the Helpless one

    I am the Helpless one

    I am the helpless one begging on the street I am the woman at the corner, looking for a man to meet I am the invalid having an issue within my blood I am the most wretched of all, the one you missed in the flood I am the helpless one for I have no […]

  • Keep what has been Comitted: To a Faithful Friend

    Keep what has been Comitted: To a Faithful Friend

    Oh men of faith keep what has been committed For in your heart grace was formed and fitted Man of faith know that within grace and peace will never end Know this day that a relationship found in Christ will eternally be a friend Keep what has been committed, but do not try to hold […]

  • I Send a Comforter-Part 2

    I Send a Comforter-Part 2

    Here it is!  The Three open doors available to all believer’s where the Holy Spirit  actively ministers to us. The first open door is the local church Heb 10:23-25. The local church is the body of Christ, so there is a community of believers gathered together there.  Sorry for all those “TV church goers”, but […]

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