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  • February Finished

    February Finished

    February Newsletter from Serbia! Please share freely.

  • Refuge in Thy wandering

    Refuge in Thy wandering

    Lost in the fields I cannot find my way, a lion stalks in the darkness seeking whom he will slay A shepherd diligently seeking the lost sheep that is I but the darkness is thick with fog the shepherd cannot find me, I surely am destined to die The air weighs heavy on my back…

  • Cambodia Awaits!

    Cambodia Awaits!

    The Summer is Full of Opportunity, Read more to see how you can be part of one coming this August!

  • Calling out in Faith

    Calling out in Faith

    Jer 17:14  Heal me, O LORD, and I shall be healed; save me, and I shall be saved: for thou art my praise. Jer 17:15  Behold, they say unto me, Where is the word of the LORD? let it come now. Jer 17:16  As for me, I have not hastened from being a pastor to…

  • Eurocon,Bulgaria Update; A Revelation of Evangelism

    Eurocon,Bulgaria Update; A Revelation of Evangelism

       Recently I have not been too active in my writing as I have been preparing and then actively traveling through eastern Europe (Hungary,Bulgaria and Greece). I unfortunately do not have many photos to share from my trip, but I do have something far greater than these that is a testimony of God working in…

  • Why Must The Heathen Rage?

    Why Must The Heathen Rage?

    Why must the heathen rage, why must the unrighteous live and tread on? I have been faithful to thy statutes God and justice I see has not been carried out or done. Why must the evil within my heart be something I must carry and overcome? Why impart a new creation when the old is…

  • The Song

    The Song

    Faith, faith what a calling and what a cry Faith a call to believe my loving savior lest I die A call to be healed, a call to be renewed A call to love others and a call to be loved and eternally pursued Pursued by God above and cultivated in His grace Faith the…

  • The Saturated Life: Thoughts and Ponderings

    The Saturated Life: Thoughts and Ponderings

        What is it to be saturated in life? What does it mean why should it be a subject matter for meditation among the busyness of life and its many priorities and urgent facets? One can be saturated with many things, but the substance or the weight of these things is a point of…

  • A Call None will Chase (Message on Evangelism and Acts)

    A Call None will Chase (Message on Evangelism and Acts)

    I did not want to break this one up, so sorry for the length,  A great study and an amazing blessing to write and share.  Please enjoy and as always be transformed to His way today! There is an amazing call to the believer; there is an amazing commission, an amazing plan and an amazing…

  • Redemption is Coming!

    Redemption is Coming!

    Redemption is coming from the LORD of Host with armies great in glory Redemption is coming as it is always the intent of The Holy God’s great story Desolation and famine is what you have known But redemption is coming and great glory will be seated on the throne Great Zion, New Jerusalem. The New…

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