Meet Me on The Mount

Meet me on the mount it’s the call the climber received

Try as he may the climber has been deceived

Meet me on the mount it has been the climber’s heart cry

Try, try harder, try harder the climber will surely die

Meet me on the mount; meet me at a standard I have set forth

It is from the mount of the most high the true one that abides in the north

Meet on the mount, I know this but I cannot attain no matter how hard I travail

I meet failure after failure with condemnation as a boisterous wind into a sail

Meet me at the mount, I cannot, I will not I have fought too long

I cannot summit this trial as lamentation and sorrow is my song

Meet me on the mount, the call is distant but still distinctly heard

Who does this voice think I am I cannot meet him at his word

I cannot adhere to this challenge, I cannot hold my grip on the snow covered rocks

I cannot leap over the crevasses, my fear and inadequacy has me in chains with great locks

Meet on the mount, the standard was set it will not move for me I must adhere

I cannot, I will not, I guess the avalanche of fate has for me what I deserve, I fear

A life without direction, a life without a voice, this is what I have to face

For I cannot meet You on the mount and I cannot continue at this pace

The voice dies out, the call is diminished to an empty silence, I must now go my own way down this mount to its base to the start

It is there I must begin again and find the desires of my heart

I do not need the standard, I do not need the commandments set long ago

I have been here long enough to know what is best and let my discipline go

Meet me on the mount, the call arrives again but is closer than ever before

It is then I see a man at the base waiting by the oceans shore

This is not he, the one that called me to such a high standard and expectation

This cannot be, I have worked too hard for this in great turmoil and desperation

He cannot be at the base, the one that calls must be on the top

For what is a life without effort of my own or lessons learned as I rise and drop?

Meet me at the mount, the words proceed from the man I see at the base

This cannot be I cry, I am a failure, I have done nothing I am a disgrace

The man walks to me as I weep, as I fall with all my gear and supplies

He takes my hand and brushes off the weighty snow and says rise.

Head low, eyes full of tears, my heart broken in defeat

The man takes me to a dwelling where he removes my boots and washes my feet

I can have no part of this, I have done nothing, and I must do more

Do not treat me kindly when I am worthless unable to meet the one who called out before

For the one that called before, my work is required so it must be right and just

Let me be, let me go and take on this mountain I must

The man just washes my feet, intently listening but not seeming to care

He finishes and looks at me and says go, no one will meet you there

But the voice, the call, the standard, I must try, I must work, there must be reward for those that strive

The man shakes his head, and replies there is no reward for those who fight to stay alive

For the man that keeps his life will lose it and the man that loses it will find life indeed

The call was from the top, but it is here in humility and meekness I will lead

For no man reaches the top apart from me the only guide

No climber no matter how stout or qualified has ever reached the caller without me at his side

Go your way, but if you do not have a part with me you will eternally fall

Stay here with me and I will take you to the One that gave the call

Meet me on the mount, the principle is high but the cost is low

For those that let the guide at the base wash their feet will have no limit to how high they can go

Never again alone, forsaken they will never be

They will be able to traverse the depth, the heighth and the width of the mount forever free

Meet me at the mount may this message be in your heart

Blessed are those that meet me in brokenness at the start

For the race is not to the swift, nor to the strong

It is not about those who are right or those who are wrong

For great is the reward for those that forsake their efforts and give their walk over to me their guide

Blessed are those that are lowly, and seeking righteousness at my side

Blessed are the meek for they will surely see the kingdom above

For those who have forsaken their life to meet me find fountains of grace and love

I am more than the guide; I am the way, the truth and the life

I am that I Am the one who called you out from your toils and strife

I dwell at the top setting a standard no man can meet

I dwell at the bottom where I wash the humbled feet

I dwell in between calling out to those who endlessly attempt and fight

I dwell on the mount, but none will overcome it without my might

Blessed you are, the man says to me as he leads the way

Blessed you are, for you have met the Lord today

Meet me on the mount, I will meet you there

For the law has been fulfilled, and you can rest in my care

My yoke is easy, my burden is light

What gain is there if a man gain the world and lose his soul in the fight

Blessed are those that are pure in heart, I give this to those that follow me

Meet me on the mount of Grace where you are eternally free.


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