All The Glory to You: Numbers

Number your people, number your might

Count all that has been given in prosperity and plight

Each generation accounted for, every family member,genealogy and name

I, Your God, will stand greater no matter how great your number, or how vast you became

Number all of your flock, but not to boast in what you have done

Not to boast in your victories or the battles you have won

You will boast in one thing as you count and wander this sea of sand

The boasting will be in Yahweh, Elohim, Adonai as your life is given from His merciful hand

For you were not chosen out of Egypt out of tenure or notoriety

You were not a famed people, a people of riches or a people with wisdom of great variety

Remember you were chosen of the least, although great you have become

Remember the glory you have now is the gift of the Most Glorious One

You have not received favor out of works of the law or by the trials you have defeated

You have received favor by grace from the creator God on the highest throne eternally seated

How great your number, how great you have flourished and multiplied

Do not forget Oh Israel, Saint of God, these are things God has supplied

For when we number great we will soon be overcome and fall

For pride comes into our hearts and separates us from the God who freely gave it all

Devising schemes against authority of which God has ordained

For a season of seven days your soul will be outcast and sin stained

But the season has come to an end and God’s Grace stands strong

Restored into the fold of the Chosen rejoicing with praise and song

Our numbers become great as pride and murmuring poisons our heart

Lord spare this generation, as You have spared me, purify us and give us a second start

We fail once again; rebellious the world swallows us whole

Lord, cover us in your grace and restore our lost souls

Restore a Holy priesthood as our attempt to keep it was vain and corrupt

Save us continually from the mind of Korah, quell the rebellion before it erupts

Our number has decreased, as we suffer great loss from sin

Raise the Brazen serpent high in our hearts, so we may see the hope and redemption

We are commanded and greatly loved by the Lord Most High

I pray that we speak and fellowship with You, Oh Lord draw us nigh

As we draw closer, we are prepared for the promise, our eternal dwelling place

We have forfeit Your Holy Law in ourselves, accept us in Your Son’s grace

Number your people, number you might

The call from our Savior comes again may we be acceptable in His sight

For we are children of the light,greatly loved, a priesthood eternally blessed

Help us rely on Your strength and may we be filled in Your rest

For You are not a fallen man, but God,eternally faithful, Not one to lie

You have promised us a blessing, and You have blessed, let heaven hear our rejoicing cry

Our number is great by thy mercy, our might is formed where we were weak

Lead us to Your Holy purpose, Lead our people with the humble and meek

For apart from You, we are sheep of great number without a shepherd

We are lost in the desert, we are a people most wretched, and blemished as a leper

Put us through the purifying fire, the fire of Holiness, the fire of war

Let us lean not on our own understanding, don’t let us trust man anymore

For you are our God, we are Your people submitted to Your corrective rod

As a loving Father You chastise us, we have matured as a great tree grown from fertile sod

Let the rivers in our life, no longer be called Mara or bitter

Let them flow with Your life, bringing health to our roots, giving us truth to consider

Lead us to the promised land, For we know in faith who You are

Multiply us in humility, may we see Your prophecy unfold as our number is countless as the stars

For You are God alone, the one who has delivered us from the world

Grace has been our victory, and we wave strong in the wind as an adorned banner unfurled

Number our people, for we do not number ourselves, let us be one under Your name

For our number is made great by Your presence, no matter how few we have in fame

All the glory to You, may our number be a testimony of Your eternal Love

May our people be known by You alone in the book of life written above


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