I am the Helpless one

I am the helpless one begging on the street

I am the woman at the corner, looking for a man to meet

I am the invalid having an issue within my blood

I am the most wretched of all, the one you missed in the flood

I am the helpless one for I have no reference of who I am

I am the one lost from the fold, I am the missing lamb

I am the helpless one, why do you not seem to hear my cry

I am the one without hope as everything I have put hope in has died

I am the hopeless one, my ambitions are a cloud fading with the rain

I am the one you ignore on the street as my body is overwhelmed with inner pain

I am the one that needs, the one that is endlessly dependent on others

I am the one that has no family, no sisters, no brothers

I am the one without a people, an outcast from the chosen few

I am the one waiting at the well, waiting to see what you will do

I am nothing but what my shortcomings and failures can describe

I am these things as these are the names the voices of others prescribe

I am the one caught in adultery; I am the one expecting death by Your hands

I am the one that has failed to adhere to the law and all the sacred commands

I am the helpless one that many have said must help myself

What do I have to help other than this broken life upon time’s shelf

I am all these things if not more, but your words, your hands they are gentle and don’t judge

How can you be just and look on me with mercy when for the law I would not budge?

Condemn me now, end this cycle of my great despair

For no form of rules could ever restore who I am or even come close to repair

For I am the helpless one, a spotted, blemished lamb before the spotless king

But as a shepherd you have shown me grace and have renounced death’s sting

You see me as I am, but have spoken to me as I am not

For what has my life been other than what others have proclaimed or judgment others have sought?

You say I am the reason you are here, you say I am not condemned anymore

You say that is finished, but how can I leave who I am, the helpless one, broken and poor

You say you have waters of life, waters that have no need to be replenished

You say I can live in these waters and be proclaimed clean and unblemished

You say where are your accusers, I do not condemn you, now go sin no more

You have shown me a character, a love and grace that I cannot ignore

Please say more, Your words are precious in these days I dare not let a word fall to the ground

Speak more to me about this living water, about this mercy that I have found

Speak about Your kingdom, about your love for me from before the world’s foundation

Speak to me about who I am in Your sight, who I will become, what I can do among the nations

You speak so highly of me, these words they are too great and health to me

You speak to the helpless one, the one caught in sin and set them free

Friend of publicans and sinners, be my friend, I have none with words like yours

For none have I met, have such beautiful things to say of me, or have such instruction leading to open doors

For when You speak to me, I feel my heart is set free from its defined chains

From the person I am, to a person that I cannot relate to or even associate with my name

You give me a new name, one that is defined by what You say

I am the helpless one that has found the Savior, or rather He found me as a sheep gone astray

Accepting me as His own, though I was a vain woman at the well, an exposed woman before many accusers

A helpless beggar, a sinner that was at the mercy of self-righteous abusers

I was the helpless one, but I am this no more

I am now one that has been personally met by the Savior, I am the restored

I was the one begging on the street, but this also I am not

I am now the woman at the well that Jesus desperately sought

I was the woman at the corner waiting for a man to meet

I am now the woman with oil in my hair washing Jesus feet

I was the helpless one, the one that God missed in the flood

I am now the redeemed, equipped and able made perfect by Christ’s blood

I am no longer what others define me to be

I am no longer my circumstance; I am no longer my degree

I am no longer the woman caught in adultery or the woman at the well

I am no longer the broken heart, I am no longer the one that fell

I am no longer the blind outside the city, no longer the dead one in the grave

I am no longer what the world can offer, but what the Lord has saved

I am no longer the accused, for I have been forgiven by grace from above

I am the disciple resting on Christ, of whom Jesus greatly loved


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