Be with Me: Be Holy For I am Holy

Be with me I hear a call within my Heart

Be with me, The God of Israel, part of the Holy nation, eternally set apart

Enter into my courts, past the brazen altar, into the Holy place

Past the veil, as a purified priest face to face

The things I think of You, the many things I wish to say

If you would come near and be with me, you would not have to wander and stray

For in Your heart is a wilderness like the one my precious sons and daughters travailed

One that was entered in salvation but persisted in disobedience with seas of doubts endlessly sailed

Taste and see My glory it is my desire to have you before me now

If you saw the value of the wilderness, you would not doubt my faithfulness and the strength I endow

For in the wilderness, just like my children in history I prepare you for war

For a Holy one in a broken world must learn to fight and take on challenges like never before

To take on the impurities of life and combat the lies of perverted truth

Dwell in my Holy presence before the promise, dwell in the booth

For in the wilderness, I desire not for you to stay

There is a promised land within your heart that is made for you, but I am its only way

Purify yourself by the sacrificial blood, send away the scapegoat, and accept the sacrificial lamb

For in blood is the essence of life and life is what is required to satisfy I Am

Eat the clean things of my word for it is your health

Do not eat of the uncleanliness of the world with its vanities and wealth

Keep your heart for out of it are the issues of life

Be purified in the wilderness; build a tabernacle to bring before me your sin and strife

For in the law, you will see there is a perfect and complete path

But by grace are you saved, you are free from the wages of sin and my wrath

Let grace reign in your heart’s wilderness, it will permit you to walk acceptable and sanctified

Be with me in grace, a consecrated Priest, a Prophet, and an anointed king eternally justified

Keep the Holy feast, remember what I have done

The incarnate Savior, the perfect sacrifice on the Cross, the resurrected Son

Remember these things in your heart, for great wickedness and lies will impose

The promises of God will keep you pure and will lift you past the thorns as a brilliant rose

If you ever flee from me, I have built a place of safety and refuge where your sin will not be on display

Be with me within my refuge and consequence of sin will not find you as long as I stay

For I am the Most Holy Priest eternally standing at the gates

Making intercession for you my precious sons and daughters saving you from sin’s fates

Bring me your sacrifice, your life of sin, death, and despair

Give unto me your sinful desires, your lust, and denial for Me to repair

Be with me, set the tabernacle, a great temple within your heart

Have for me an altar, a secret place where I set you apart

Be Holy for I am Holy, Be perfect as my Father in heaven is perfect, let this be the triumph of Grace

For in your heart, there is a wilderness, a tabernacle, a promised land, and a Holy place


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