Keep what has been Comitted: To a Faithful Friend

Oh men of faith keep what has been committed

For in your heart grace was formed and fitted

Man of faith know that within grace and peace will never end

Know this day that a relationship found in Christ will eternally be a friend

Keep what has been committed, but do not try to hold it on your own

For the power that keeps you and I is the power of the lamb seated upon the throne

Keep what has been committed, sound words, sound teachings and a mind ever stable

Know the Truth is Jesus crucified and resurrected in love, patiently waiting in heaven for you at the great table

Let no man despise thy youth, let all thy conversation be filled with love and purity

For invested in you is great and powerful truth, you have a sound doctrine that is health and stability

For in knowing the great oracles of the Savior above

Your life will be filled with great compassion and an undeniable love

Keep what has been committed study as a workman that needeth not be ashamed

For what can man do to you when life is raging within your soul as a great lion untamed

For godliness with contentment is great gain

For what money cannot buy, in your heart you have attained

I know what has been in you is great faith as your family before

I can only dream of the difference you will make as Christ leads you through the open door

Keep what has been committed, never waver or be overcome by doubt

For what can the world offer you aside from a broken life and a long season of drought?

As Christ has loved you so greatly I write this to you, a passionate disciple I love you the same

For in Christ I see nothing but unlimited potential and heavenly glory and fame

Adorned with the treasures of heaven, their beauty none can explain

Within your heart I see a great magnificence that the world cannot temper or contain

Heart on fire with great love, I beseech you don’t let the lie quench its heights

For among the many witnesses of grace I see you the brightest of lights

Keep what has been committed as so many will try to steal it away

With eloquent speech and teachings they will waver your faith and cause you to sway

Don’t leave truth; it is all you need in this life I know as I have seen life without

Chief among the unrighteous, I was filled with anger, shame and endless self-doubt

For in the flesh, what can we hope to achieve

For in the spirit there is eternal life that is freely given and easily received

Keep what has been committed for it is the only way, I say this as verity

For there is no other gospel apart from Jesus Christ’s that has such grace on display in great clarity

Apart from grace what more are we other than sinners most wretched and wicked in heart

Keep what has been committed for it is what will purify you and give you a fresh a start

Be instant to preach, apt to teach in and out of season

For there are many without these sound sayings living a life without purpose and reason.

Keep what has been committed for it has been committed despite your blindness

For it is Unfailing, faithful, ever renewing your strength and saturated in lovingkindness

God has loved thee with an everlasting love, giving his only Son, a divine sacrifice upon a tree

Salvation from the knowledge of good and evil as we are imputed righteousness and purity

Keep what has been committed fight the good fight of faith in my stead

Walk by the faith you have seen before you and follow what is written and what the Lord has said

For in you I see a blameless bishop, worthy of the ministry, and a trophy of grace upon the heavenly shelf

For you have counted others above thee and put aside thyself

Keep what has been committed for I see nothing apart from Christ in you

Dream beyond what is seen as nothing can limit what you can accomplish or do

For in Christ there is a power that none can deny

There is a truth crying within that dismisses every lie

There is a hope as in grace we are accepted wholly as one of God’s own

There is strength amidst all weakness, amidst all our failures of which we are prone

There is a peace beyond understanding, a rest no noise can disrupt

An identity in Christ eternally stable, that none can taint or corrupt

Keep what has been committed for God counts you as His own Son

Drawing us ever closer to Him, as He is the Father that keeps us close even when we run

Ever with us in our struggle, ever teaching us the sound way

Giving us new strength to live by, and new mercies every day

Keep what has been committed for the words engrafted in thee are life

For what word in the world can pierce our very souls and save us from our strife

What word can purify our hearts, remove guilt or lead with such uprightness

What word can reveal truth among our shortsightedness?

What truth is there apart from grace, apart from a God that jealously pursues us in Agape love

What word is so inspired, and what truth is there that has the breathed life from above

Keep what has been committed I can’t state this sufficiently

For what is there but the Truth of grace from God who knows us omnisciently

Knowing this that the foundation of our Savior standeth sure and true

A foundation that will stand immovable in a love that loves in spite of all we profanely do

Keep what has been committed for there are volumes of it to learn and continually grow

For I have fought the good fight, I have finished the course I have kept the faith, Now it is your time to go

Go display a life that pours out grace and takes in the weak and poor

Go forgive those that have hurt you and love your enemies more and more

Go and teach the sound doctrine of which I have given you in part

Go study to show thyself approved, a workmen that needeth not be ashamed or walk heavy in heart

Go assist the widows, take in the widows that are widows indeed

Go live a life that has no explanation spare what Christ has done in times of great need

Go full of joy lead a quite peaceable life in godliness and honesty

Go live a life of divine appointment in meaning and in all modesty

For this is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior

That many will come to know of His great grace from your humility and anointed behavior

Keep what has been committed let no man despise thy youth

For in your heart there is an eternal fire I see, burning with love and great truth


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