I’m a Puzzle

I’m a puzzle with broken pieces

One that none can figure out

As I lay out countless fleeces

I cannot settle or put together my doubt

I’m a vase with shattered shards

One with clay hardened and unable to be molded

As I put up walls with dimensions of countless yards

I am still broken inside with a heart wrenched and folded

Jesus be my rescue, restore what this world cannot

Be my help in time of need, be my bed for rest

Invest your truth into my bones, give me a new mind where it cannot be forgot

Build me again from this brokeness

Restore unto me what I need from You

Give me Your desires, and Your mind

Teach me Oh Lord your ways, lead me in what I should do

For not a thing in this world could fulfill the void that keeps on growing inside

I am a puzzle with broken pieces only you know how I can be together again

For You did not come for the righteous, but for the ones like me broken by sin


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