Remember Me

Remember me, oh believer, remember me I cry

For when I am forgotten in your generation it is destined to die

I am the ever flowing river, the true vine, the brazen serpent of salvation

Turn not away from me, For I am a jealous God, and desire you to be a sanctified and holy nation

Remember me in your affairs, your details, and all your going

For in remembrance of me the blessing of grace will be freely flowing

Remember my law written inside of your heart

Be consecrated fully to me and unto the world leave no part

Remember to abandon the great cities that my power has overcome

For holding but a token of it will devour your soul beyond sum

Give unto me the whole of your heart, leave no room for sin’s occasion

Remember my warnings of love, Remember I am with you in advance and invasion

Remember me child, for there is still much more of me to learn

Keep me close and I will draw closer, I will answer when you cry and yearn

Remember me and my glory that I revealed to you in measure

Remember that I love thee greatly and you were created for my good pleasure

Tell all your friends, strangers, and generations to proceed

That you have the Almighty God at thy side and on His word all can grow and feed

Remember me and my purpose for you and others, my Holy priest

Remember I gave great promise when you were among the least

Remember me child for as you conquer evil I am prone to be forgot

I know you will leave me in your exaltation, but leaving you I will not

Forever faithful, with you, for you, loving all through your life

I am forgotten and left behind, but in grace I remove sin’s knife

Yes that was you accusing me and nailing me to that cross

Yes I am forgotten, but I have come into your world to save that what was lost

No matter the offense, it stands eternally forgiven at that tree

You are my pearl of precious price, I will be there when you cry remember me


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