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  • I am the Helpless one

    I am the Helpless one

    I am the helpless one begging on the street I am the woman at the corner, looking for a man to meet I am the invalid having an issue within my blood I am the most wretched of all, the one you missed in the flood I am the helpless one for I have no […]

  • Keep what has been Comitted: To a Faithful Friend

    Keep what has been Comitted: To a Faithful Friend

    Oh men of faith keep what has been committed For in your heart grace was formed and fitted Man of faith know that within grace and peace will never end Know this day that a relationship found in Christ will eternally be a friend Keep what has been committed, but do not try to hold […]

  • Stand Fast in Liberty: Freedom proclaimed to our Generation

    Stand Fast in Liberty: Freedom proclaimed to our Generation

    Stand fast in liberty for the enemy seeks to take it away Stand in freedom, flee the bondage of the day This is the truth you are forever free from the great lie Give this day your heart to God and never die I marvel at how quick we run to our old bloody chains […]

  • Finding Grace: Redemption in Ruth

    Finding Grace: Redemption in Ruth

    Why have I found grace in thine eyes? When I am from a past and a people despised Why have I found grace in thy sight? When I come from a line of bitterness and a sore plight Having no name, no people spare my mother in law Working among Your people it is virtue […]

  • In The Beginning: God Unveiled

    In The Beginning: God Unveiled

    In the Beginning, Your eternal plan unfurled A perfect creation fallen, Your redemption for the World Your Holy heel to trample the serpent’s head An eternal promise, A nation with a lineage for a messiah to be bred Always faithful Abraham’s promised Son is received Even when in our doubt we chased our own provision […]

  • The Rigtheous Restore

    The Rigtheous Restore

    There is a generation that no longer knows Your name Your servant has been forgotten and they seek their own riches and fame Turning from Your covenant signed in unfailing love We choose graven idols and do evil in Your sight from above We do not know our state, a righteous one must come to […]

  • Breaking Alliance: Turning to God

    Breaking Alliance: Turning to God

    Judges 1-5    We all encounter a season comparable to  Israel in Judges.  We all eventually wear down and instead of overcoming our problems we learn to live with them. How many problems do we choose to just live with? The range of these problems is numerous, but the solution is solely through God.  Just […]

  • Seekers Cry: God’s Reply

    Seekers Cry: God’s Reply

    I feel I have been forgotten, by the Lord most high I pray fervently to Him, but his answers are not nigh I am burdened by my trials and drenched in my storms Where is my Savior in these times? My doubt swells and fear forms I have been left out, downtrodden and destroyed I […]

  • A House of Grace

    A House of Grace

    New to the job site, I am accepted into the daily fray Building this house, this massive structure one that is promised to stay I make some friends, They introduce me to the master They say stay with him, watch him as you will grow and learn faster I admit the builder was skilled he […]

  • Your Mercy Is New: Resting in God

    Your Mercy Is New: Resting in God

    Heb 4:9   There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God. Heb 4:10  For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his. Heb 4:11  Let us labour therefore to enter into that rest. . . Lam 3:21 This I recall to my […]