Stand Fast in Liberty: Freedom proclaimed to our Generation

Stand fast in liberty for the enemy seeks to take it away

Stand in freedom, flee the bondage of the day

This is the truth you are forever free from the great lie

Give this day your heart to God and never die

I marvel at how quick we run to our old bloody chains

When the blood is not our own, but Christ’s that broke bondage with the stains

Why when we have begun in a work that was not our own

We run to the law and slavery denying what Christ freely came to atone

Oh foolish generation when will we realize

We were not made to serve bondage, but liberty with open eyes

So quickly we wear veils, face the east blindly falling down

When by the blood of our Savior we were declared free princes with an eternal crown

Easily deceived we are when we know that we once received what is truly right

Reciting a dead law while carrying hatred through life’s fight

Live in the liberty of love in bondage to none

For the law is dead and in the liberty of Christ battles are won

Do not forget the foundation of all things and when creation was set

For it was God and man in unity that the prerequisite of all things was met

So when you seek to tear down the life I have inside

Please recall the grace and freedom that was liberally given for us to abide

Just as the time before where the son of promise was born from the woman that was free

I am not subject to your law that seeks to spy out my liberty

We were created equal beings with God’s breathe you and I

The only difference stands that I have received freeing truth and you have accepted bondage of a lie

Stand fast in liberty of the good news of Jesus, not the prophet, but Christ the king forever glorified

Choose this day who you will serve as you are not bound to law as in Christ the fulfillment was satisfied

Stand fast in liberty be free from the laws strangling hate

As a leash upon a dog the law will diminish your free will and seal your fate

Christ as king of kings for He is the only God that cares for you

The only God that keeps your tears and does not condemn us for what we have done or presently do

The only God that understands our past and present pain

The only God that declares a life worth living and a death with Him great gain

Stand fast in liberty no matter what you believe or have believed in the past

For God so loved the world He sent His Son giving freedom and life that forever will last

The truth is found within the one upon the cross crucified

Be foolish no more for what you live in is in a way that has died

For the just live by faith, son of Abraham stop living by sight

For your father was counted righteous not by works but by faith in the True God free from the law’s might

Turn your fervent prayers to the One God who came to set you free

For a life of bondage to law manifest nothing spare hate with an eternal fee

The culture and priest zealously affect you but not well

For Zealotry misplaced in the letter of the law, will bring destruction beyond what stories could tell

For your soul was made for freedom, not to be subject to a standard we can never meet

The standard was set before our time and was settled when Jesus Christ took his seat

Walk in His Spirit for in it your zealotry will be rightly placed

Zealous to love those around you and zealous to proclaim a judgment that has been erased

I write this letter with much to say knowing it is contrary to what you may believe

I only ask for the best from you that is not performed but freely received

For I am but one of many trophies, as you can be of Grace

Accept Jesus as Christ the savior that desires to be with you face to face

Let no man or bondage affect you, for a step towards Christ, as it is processed will forever be sealed

For upon Calvary’s cross all sin was dealt with and our souls wounds were forever healed

Stand in liberty for it is truly just a step of faith away

For whosoever seeks righteousness will find Christ is the only way


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