Finding Grace: Redemption in Ruth

Why have I found grace in thine eyes?

When I am from a past and a people despised

Why have I found grace in thy sight?

When I come from a line of bitterness and a sore plight

Having no name, no people spare my mother in law

Working among Your people it is virtue You saw

Why have I found grace in thine eyes?

An outcast, a daughter of the idolaters of the uncircumcised

Adopting a life, a God I have yet to know

You offer me a dwelling and part of a blessing that will forever flow

Let my people be your people and Thy God be thy God

Let death part thee and me for apart from You I am dust and sod

Devoted I will be to thee, in Your law and provision will I live

For out in this world apart from thee there is not a portion I would have,

and not a part of me would I give

For in your heritage, in this nation of holy priest

I am counted as a part of the fold when I was among the least

Against you, my nature, my lineage will always be

But I found grace and a Love from above that has set me free

Redeemed to a people when I was apart from its mold

Redeemed to be part of a story that forever will be told

For He that has begun a work will complete it until the end

I, a stranger have been counted a blessing and a close friend

In a time, in a period where all the men do what is right in

their own eyes

You choose to dwell with me and be there steadfast in my

helpless cries

From an empty bitter house to a family that considers one

such as You

I am counted among the saints, the faithful, the remnant of few

Just as I was accepted, the One that follows accepts all

Considering the publicans and sinners, the diseased and the least among the fall

I am finding grace in places that bear burdens of hurt and bitter pain

I am finding grace in the house of outcast separated from You oh Lord by Sin’s stain

Why have I found grace in thine eyes

When in my heart I have spat on the beloved Son as He dies

As He stood before me, CRUCIFY is what I shouted within

my fallen soul

As the weight of my sin was carried by each drop of His blood that makes me whole

I have found grace in Thine sight, an exile far outside

No matter how far the distance, Your outstretching arm accepts all and faithfully provides

I, like the one before, so long ago

Is now redeemed to be part of a Holy nation, set apart for the Almighty God to love and know

Working among the fields no more than a laborer of little renown

I am now set before You with Your Son and bearing a crown

A crown of righteousness, though within myself I find none

A crown that I cast before Your feet as it was You that redeemed me and through You my life was won

A victorious life, despite my denial and disaster

Finding grace, what a treasure as I serve a great and faithful Master

A master that offers protection and deals mercifully and just

A master that has set me aside, paid the price for my heart,

A master waiting for me as a faithful Bridegroom that I can trust

To take me as His own, when I was before the cross an adversary to be condemned

Finding Grace from the Lord Jesus that took my sin to the tomb where it is forever forgotten in Him

Just as the mother sought redemption for her estranged daughter

I, greatly loved by You have found grace as You are my living bread and water

For away from You I began, close will I be in the end

As Your body was broken for me, my deep wounds of sin did You tend

Finding grace, let it be what I forever pursue

For there is none to be found in this world apart from You

Finding grace, let it be what illuminates my life

For in His stripes I was healed and in finding grace He removed my strife

Chad Brockmeyer


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