A House of Grace

New to the job site, I am accepted into the daily fray

Building this house, this massive structure one that is promised to stay

I make some friends, They introduce me to the master

They say stay with him, watch him as you will grow and learn faster

I admit the builder was skilled he designed the structure we are to place

He found the foundation stone, set it immovable in its place

He sculpted precious stones for the walls, and used them as his building base

He led me through the inner workings and explained that this is a house of grace

It did not seem too special, its appearance was appealing but not ornate

The builder described it as a masterpiece, but it stood among the poor and not among the great

Its structure would surely stand, as it was built upon a rock

Its cornerstone was the strongest I have seen and its walls strongest of the stock

I wondered as the master loved it, he created it and planned to dwell within it as his secret place

But I did not see it as anything great, it was just a strong home not a house of beauty or grace

I carried on with my job building more houses around the master’s prize

more and more it was surpassed by design, but its strength none could realize

For when storms came, the others were torn up uprooted foundations piles of rubble by the end of the day

But the house of grace stood strong and none could replicate its way

Devastated by loss, my work fell through I was jobless without provision and a place

My home was in my work, but now it is homelessness I must now face

displaced many times, turned down, unskilled and labeled a hopeless case

I do not deserve this mess I cry, I am capable and still in this race

I power up and go, pushing through the lines, working, I will bring sunshine to this rain

But I find it is ever more hopeless and my efforts are in vain

I am met by a stranger, he speaks of this man that was calling out my name

the stranger said, the man had a plan for me and could provide riches and fame

I ran to this man, he had a place in the development where my work once stood

He gave me great opportunities, restored my way and affirmed everything was good

He aimed to rebuild, restructure everything, bring order to the place

But he demanded destruction, compromise, and sought to deface

Spoiled by his schemes I followed this man and did all his deeds

I felt miserable as his ethics were flawed and  he built his empire upon lust and greed

He rallied a following, and marched over to the master’s place

For through it all there still stood the house of grace

Its walls still strong, its foundation sure

Its master still indwelling its integrity strong and pure

The stranger demanded its destruction as it was affront to his land

But no tool could damage its walls and no machine would complete his demand

I resort to step inside, talk to the master and discuss the terms the law has placed

One must pay the price, the cost to dwell in the house of grace

The master responds to the demand, but request that I would stay

He says, “the price will be paid and the stranger will no longer have his way”

“His empire is vast”, I reply you cannot stand against it as it is too strong and unjust

The master just shakes his head and responds his world is dust

He tells me the appointed time is coming where the system will fall

He will return to the house of grace that stands, and he will lead us all

unworthy to dwell, unworthy I cry as my work is vain it is a crime and disgrace

The Master answers, no worries for you now dwell in the house of grace

You will never deserve it, but for you the price is paid

Rest in this house for its foundation is eternally laid

Its dimension is endless it will be filled with those you tell

For the hurting and hopeless like you I designed this house for them to dwell

It comes at no cost, as I already stood to pay its price

Just tell those searching, it is finished , dwell in the house of grace built by Christ

Jesus is my name, the master goes to conclude

I have built this shelter for the weary and have for the hungry a store of food

I was crucified in love towards you, I was revealed to you in this house’s construction

Your friends led you to me,you saw me but your heart was set on destruction

But have no fear, For in this house there is every provision

No law can separate you from my love and in my presence will there be no division

Rest now in this house of grace for in it my righteousness I impart

I must go now, I will be with you, remember I chose to do this part

I look outside the house to see Jesus stand before the stranger and be slain

In this display I feel my burdens lifted and I am relieved of guilt’s pain

Surely This is my Savior, my master from the start

Building a house of grace in the confines of my heart










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