In The Beginning: God Unveiled

In the Beginning, Your eternal plan unfurled

A perfect creation fallen, Your redemption for the World

Your Holy heel to trample the serpent’s head

An eternal promise, A nation with a lineage for a messiah to be bred

Always faithful Abraham’s promised Son is received

Even when in our doubt we chased our own provision as we were deceived

The world of evil judged by an immersing flood

A promise of redemption from Your son’s shed blood

A Holy nation called out from an empty womb

A holy savior coming to die and leave an empty tomb

In the beginning eternal God and Savior from the start

A creator of great power, creator of the heavens yet desires to have my feeble heart

A cherished relationship with man, although we are nothing more than dust

A fallen creation that when given the choice follows after our many lusts

A lust for power, a lust for knowledge we should have never known

The only knowledge we needed was the relationship we had with Your throne

In the middle of Your presence why did we ever choose to leave

Separated from it now, it is Your word that we now long for and receive

Separated from You oh God how great the distance and how great the darkness in my soul

Lord God speak to me for it was Your words that made me whole

How were we proclaimed good, when in Your foreknowledge You saw our plight

How can be there be perfection out of dust and acceptance in Your sight

Can You hear our cries wishing to turn back the clock

As I walk with a broken body and build You an altar upon a rock

Wrestling You oh God for nothing short of a vain blessing

When Your covenant stands strong, I encounter Your glory and fall on my knees confessing

but Instead of judgment, You give me a new name

A name that identifies me as Yours and a message to proclaim

Amidst all my failing you establish a covenant of love

A covenant incomprehensible, a covenant sent from above

Before the garden, before the flood, before the oppression of sin

God of All, Yahweh Elohim, determined in His heart to redeem the world we are in

In Grace you began all things as Your breathe of life was put into me

Now a living soul in a frame of dust given a world to rule and live free

Guilt has no place, although by my choices my dominion has been taken away

In Grace You called out my name and clothed me, promising a new way

You are God able to do what I cannot

In faith will I follow your voice, sacrificing the one for so long I sought

For You know my heart, my devotion to you and my intent

Although wavering in step, I will follow You oh Lord and sacrifice the provision you have sent

For upon the altar Your love will be on display

For there is an altar to come that The Son will be sacrificed on as there is no other way

To think I am part of Your story, part of a lineage that brings forth the Messiah and eternal king

As stars in the sky and as the sand of the sea, I cannot help but praise You and sing

Using the feeble, the weak and the outcast of civilization

From such a man as I comes a people, Holy, Sanctified and Your chosen nation

From Your word I know now that what is meant for evil, can be turned to good

For You direct my path and have me live in the way that I should

I never understand although you are gracious to give a vision of promise and great aspirations

To see my life used is such a blessing among all the evil machinations

From a pit to a prison to a seat of power above all

You promote the righteous through trials and lift us up when we fall

How tender Your mercy, how precious is Your word

Soften my heart in my troubles so Your voice can be heard

From the start You are God that has loved,provided and has never failed

In the beginning Grace was made manifest and our God is unveiled


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