Seekers Cry: God’s Reply

I feel I have been forgotten, by the Lord most high

I pray fervently to Him, but his answers are not nigh

I am burdened by my trials and drenched in my storms

Where is my Savior in these times? My doubt swells and fear forms

I have been left out, downtrodden and destroyed

I feel as if you left Lord, your promises are void

I find in this feeling, there is none of You at all

This is my guilt speaking and my doubts leading me to fall

Your love has become my burden Your grace has become my shame

All the good things You impart to me, I turn around and mock Your name

This is Self-condemnation, for in it no good will live

My guilt will poison any sweetness and my self-righteousness nullifying what You give

I am not forgotten, but You Lord have I disremembered, I have lost sight of where we started

I have hidden in the garden with fig leaves as You call out with your grace imparted

Ready to clothe me in Your provision hand-picked and slaughtered for me

It is not just coats of skin, it is a perfect Lamb that You gave to set me free

I did not ask for more, although I chose the knowledge of sin

It is You I must not forget, and a rest I must find in Your provision

Knowledge of good and evil, but good is all I should have known

In sight of your goodness Lord, I can eat  of the tree of life and be in your presence at the throne

One more thing, as if I had lacked before

I was created in Your image, given eternal provision and life forevermore

I was not created to judge, for in judgment I find myself tainted

I cannot bear the illustration of what my sin has painted

You are not Forgotten,  this I hear you say


Rise up again from your pit and follow my way

Be transformed in my light; carry it into your darkest places

For the light overcomes the darkness and will the fill the largest of spaces

I call you to the water where you perceive you will sink

But it is here I liberate your spirit and truly empower you to think

To see that you have depth, and capacity beyond compare

For in my presence, you are free to try new things and openly share

You will find no restrictions, as the deep has no end

If you fail, I lift you up and if you stray into the dark blind unto you a light I send

As the depths are endless, it is so with my grace

For no sin I see, I have removed it when my Son took its place

For I only can see you in a Father’s love, and in deep compassion

For you are my sons and daughters, crucified in many fashions

I no longer see the sin spare its suffering and pain it puts on you

In love I send you comfort and a living word that resonates true

May the words resonate in your soul and lead to deeper relation with who I am

I am so much more than a God of judgment demanding sacrifice of the lamb

I am God that loves, even in your hate

I am God that forgives and a God that can relate

I am God that knows all and in everything I persist

I am God that hears your prayers and God that will assist

I am God that see’s your pain and sends comfort in its place

I am God that keeps my covenant to you, your offense towards me is erased

I am God that imparts righteousness, when you have wickedness to abide

I am God that is with you and forever at your side

You are not forgotten, perceive your sin no more

Your offenses are cleared, I have settled the score


 I am not Forgotten, I am forever in Your sight

Though I run away in guilt and I hide in the darkness of night

You are always there omniscient of what I am in

You know everything about me, but choose not to see my sin

The one worthy to judge me, I find grace in Your courts offered to me unrestricted

Lord preserve my way in your presence for in my self-condemnation great burdens are inflicted

Not by works of righteousness I have done, but by what I have been given

Lord this life, this provision must I rest and your mercy be what I live in

I see through a glass darkly, but through You all is clear

Save me from my condemnation and rescue me from my fear

Cover me in Your grace oh God for in it I must rest

I am not anything apart from You just a lost bird from its nest

May I be comforted by Your words, for in them I find my might

I  am victoriously chosen for the good fight

I am not forgotten I am forever in Your sight


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