The Rigtheous Restore

There is a generation that no longer knows Your name
Your servant has been forgotten and they seek their own riches and fame
Turning from Your covenant signed in unfailing love
We choose graven idols and do evil in Your sight from above
We do not know our state, a righteous one must come to restore
To show this lost generation our idols will fail us and You are much more
For You are the righteous God that created us all to bear Your appearance
Instead of using our lives for worship we have given the enemy clearance
We will be overcome by the snare laid out by their gods
We will fall to slavery and be subject to our enemy’s rods
You know this and have given us a way that will overcome
But even with warning, we run to the evil and live in their ways as we are rendered spiritually blind and dumb
No longer able to see Your face, no longer able to hear Your speech
We need the righteous to restore us and lead us out of the enemy’s reach
We are in no need of a ruler as we do what is right in our own eyes
What we need is a righteous judge to adjust our way to Your way and dismiss the many lies
To overcome our enemy and lead us to victory and lasting peace
We cannot live in this circumstance anymore as our troubles only increase
We praise You Lord for the righteous judge; he has restored us to walk in Your way
We have a peace and a rest; it is here we will surely stay
But there is a generation that no longer knows Your holy name
Your righteous servant has been forgotten and they seek their own riches and fame
Reverting back to what is right in our own eyes
Ignorant that our ways are once again leading to destruction and our demise
We fall so easily to our lust and our greed; we serve the king of Moab and worship his idol mammon
Rich and famous we will become, but in this life there will be poverty and famine
As we are quenching Your spirit and drained of all its conviction and care
“they shall be as thorns in your sides, and their gods shall be unto you a snare”
Your word is truth why do we error and forsake Your path
Lord spare us from this enemy, send the righteous to restore us out from Your wrath
You have placed us among our enemy as we have forgotten our way to war
We lie subject to others and their opinions, but only Your truth can restore
Touching what is unclean the corruption has followed
We have chosen a way against Thee and the deceit of it is what we have swallowed
Destroying us from within, we cannot find a way to avoid its fee
The righteous restore us, lead us back to You and set us free
I will deliver you in covenant love, my mercy I will pour out
I will raise up a valiant warrior that will defeat your enemy with a small company and a shout
You will leave me again, I will allow you to stray
For no matter how many times you seek a path you will find I am the only way
I will not deliver you for a time, as there is a price for your choice
You will live in consequence, but I will be by your side when you choose to hear my voice
You will find better circumstance is not your savior, salvation is who I am
A righteous judge may restore peace, but there is no peace apart from the Lamb
For Lamb is set on the altar to restore the depths within your heart
It is here that the war is won and here that the enemy can be stopped before it starts
Build unto me an altar, I will provide the sacrificial Lamb
It is my heart’s desire for you to live free from sin’s grasp and grow to know who I am
I created you to be a holy nation, a wife, a bride to be present at my throne
To reign with me forever and eternally be glorified as you are known
By the most High God, The king of kings and Lord of Lords
Eternally secure in Identity of Christ, singing in endless song playing endless chords
This is my plan for you, you are glorious in my sight
Turn no more to the lies before you and seek me in the night
There is no judge like me, for none can eternally settle the case
There is none righteous and none have the power over sin to erase
There are none upon a cross apart from my son
Who in death found victory and in death souls were won
The Righteous restore, but among the righteous there is only one
Who can take a wretch like me and call me a holy priest and a son
The Righteous restore as I will only run away
But the Lord draws me close into a relationship that nothing can sway
The Righteous restore even when I ally with deception
What love is this that sees no sin and holds for me an open reception?
The Righteous restore may the imperfect judges remind me everyday
That my circumstance is not my problem it is my heart and my soul’s way
The Righteous restore even when there is no king within my life
Doing what is right in my own eyes; The Lord will lend His sight and save me from my strife
The Righteous restore there is no other way, no higher decree
The Righteous God above will exalt those washed by the living water pouring out from the Cross at Calvary

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