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  • Refuge in Thy wandering

    Lost in the fields I cannot find my way, a lion stalks in the darkness seeking whom he will slay A shepherd diligently seeking the lost sheep that is I but the darkness is thick with fog the shepherd cannot find me, I surely am destined to die The air weighs heavy on my back […]

  • The Field

    There is so Much More There is so much more in this field, I have found a pearl of precious price. The field is barren, broken, even overtaken in tares, but within this field there is life.  I have found the treasure, I have found something beyond the veneer of the desolate dust.  I have […]

  • A Call None will Chase (Message on Evangelism and Acts)

    I did not want to break this one up, so sorry for the length,  A great study and an amazing blessing to write and share.  Please enjoy and as always be transformed to His way today! There is an amazing call to the believer; there is an amazing commission, an amazing plan and an amazing […]

  • Redemption is Coming!

    Redemption is coming from the LORD of Host with armies great in glory Redemption is coming as it is always the intent of The Holy God’s great story Desolation and famine is what you have known But redemption is coming and great glory will be seated on the throne Great Zion, New Jerusalem. The New […]

  • Rebuilding the Temple

    I am the ruined temple one that stood glorious before I am the broken vessel, a bag torn and tattered in which nothing can be stored I am cursed and hopeless as I reap little of what I have sown I stand unclean before You, tainted, and unworthy before Your throne You commission me to […]

  • Meet Me on The Mount

    Meet me on the mount it’s the call the climber received Try as he may the climber has been deceived Meet me on the mount it has been the climber’s heart cry Try, try harder, try harder the climber will surely die Meet me on the mount; meet me at a standard I have set […]

  • I Send a Comforter-Part 1

    A little light

    After a day of amazing revelation of the scripture through classes, reading, and the ministry of a sermon; I cannot help but share something that has been on my heart today.  God did not leave us alone. God, creator of the universe, God of Israel, God of Abraham and God of all has eternally dwelling […]

  • Stand Fast in Liberty: Freedom proclaimed to our Generation

    Stand fast in liberty for the enemy seeks to take it away Stand in freedom, flee the bondage of the day This is the truth you are forever free from the great lie Give this day your heart to God and never die I marvel at how quick we run to our old bloody chains […]

  • Finding Grace: Redemption in Ruth

    Why have I found grace in thine eyes? When I am from a past and a people despised Why have I found grace in thy sight? When I come from a line of bitterness and a sore plight Having no name, no people spare my mother in law Working among Your people it is virtue […]

  • In The Beginning: God Unveiled

    In the Beginning, Your eternal plan unfurled A perfect creation fallen, Your redemption for the World Your Holy heel to trample the serpent’s head An eternal promise, A nation with a lineage for a messiah to be bred Always faithful Abraham’s promised Son is received Even when in our doubt we chased our own provision […]

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