Refuge in Thy wandering

Lost in the fields I cannot find my way, a lion stalks in the darkness seeking whom he will slay A shepherd diligently seeking the lost sheep that is I but the darkness is thick with fog the shepherd cannot find me, I surely am destined to die The air weighs heavy on my back I am paralyzed by a roaring lie The roar so great, so confident, I will never return to where I belong as I cannot hear the shepherds cry.

He cries out into the night diligently seeking by the day
But the lion has had my scent for a while now, I am weak and easy prey. My ears now rendered useless, my eyes deceive me in the haze
I will never see the green pastures or feel secure as my shepherd is no where to be seen in this maze

Wandering since birth, I was lost since I came into this life the lion had snatched me from the fold and I am forever in his preying strife. The time has come, I feel the claws I am ensnared in this fate I was made for the lion’s jaws.

Oh, but only to wound, I am a game for the lion’s scheme now wounded lying in my dirty blood, I am infected, now death is my theme

Is there even a shepherd, a man that cares for I have been in this lion’s game for ages and constantly caught in his snares.

I am useless, deformed, evil in my thinking and diseased I hope for the lion to end this despair and the law in this land will be appeased.

Then I feel it, a hand reach down from what I can only perceive as light out of my bloody pit, a Savior has come with love and has deferred the lion’s plight

He speaks with words I have never heard before.

“I have been searching for you wandering one, you are broken but I sought you to restore”

your ears first so you may tune out the lions roaring threats for it is my words you will now hear and I will remove those years of damage and regrets.

“This can’t be true”, I say, “as I am disfigured by the lion’s endless lies”

The voice ignores my doubt and then restores my eyes.

Then I see Him, not a shepherd but an anointed king with a crown of thorns and hands pierced by nails I feel responsible as in His search for me he met this suffering.

As if He knew my thoughts, he responds “it was worth it all, The lion cannot hope to prevail for that lion is just a defeated foe, it is finished I have broken the fogs looming veil

You now have your legs, and are so precious in my sight

Go forth find more sheep wounded in the night

I, in fear cannot, as I remember the claws and the terrible bite

I have given you strength,The Lord responds, rest in my peace and fight

You are as white as snow, you will always reflect my glory

you will see the lion and stand strong for he no longer has a hold on your story

Hear my voice, the roar will be nothing compared to my word

For it is my name that will be known eternally and to others through you it will be heard

I respond in courage, Not only to hear but to step, not only to step but in faith to leap.

Lord it is your word that I will keep.

Into the darkness I find a truth that I never knew was there

The lion is actually an evil man leading sheep astray into thorns and tares

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want he leadeth me beside still waters

but in my blindness and deafness of sin the lion enslaved me in endless slaughter

even now I am constantly trapped even with the Lord’s imparted light

For even when I have been restored I refuse to hear the Lord’s voice and keep him in sight

Oh to hear the word of God, for the Lord is truly divine

He found me in a pit bearing the a cross saying you are mine

Oh what a love, to take the nails and carry a cross for my shame

For without it I couldn’t have been reached in the pit where I laid lame

Now white as snow my crimson stains have been wiped away

In the Lord’s speaking distance, near the heavenly house will I stay

He leads me out to pastures full of sheep in despair

With a message of hope, with legs,eyes and obedient ears I speak and share

of the Father’s love, His unending grace

A description of his majesty, of his sacrifice so all may see His face

The Lord is thy refuge in thy wandering a very present help in time of trouble

Therefore will not we fear though the earth be removed and our soul in sin is reduced to rubble

Though the lions roar, though the mountains shake and swell

I tell those in their pits, you are free, liberated, and justified although you fell

Hear the Lord’s voice crying, be still and know that I am God

I will be exalted among all and on my sheep the lion will not prevail or defraud

Refuge in thy wandering, The Lord will always be

For in His great love he sought my soul,died, overcame death and set me free

Chad Brockmeyer


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