The Field

There is so Much More

There is so much more in this field, I have found a pearl of precious price. The field is barren, broken, even overtaken in tares, but within this field there is life.  I have found the treasure, I have found something beyond the veneer of the desolate dust.  I have found a pearl of precious price, a treasure that moth doth not corrupt or rust.  It is so much more than what the world would ever know or even consider to see. I will buy the whole field, for there is a great harvest made ready for me.  Cultivate it I must, not letting the treasure within be left out or neglected for waste. Lord, give us the field white and ready, may we see the treasure of heaven invested, give us a provision of focus, give us a foretaste. For there is so much more to life than what we can do or move on this earth.  There is an eternal purpose for those that will buy the field when our eyes give it no worth.  


There is a treasure within, there is a pearl hidden in each heart. A pearl formed through discomfort, and trial, a treasure we can only know in part for God alone can uncover its value as He alone was there from the start.  He beckons us to buy the fields, the places, the cultures, the people we may hardly know. Within this purchase, we sow our hearts and fruit begins to grow. We give not just ourselves or our resources, we also give a part of our soul for there is a pearl in that field and we have the way to make it great, valued and whole.  There is so much more to life than just keeping our own. Surrender yourself, buy the fields where no other man has sown.  There is so much more, many cry out as what they find in the world is vanity and insane; toiling In fields ever barren with no source, while expecting fruit with no rain.  Buy, buy, buy the fields we must, for only our Savior can bring forth the rain and breathe life unto the dust. 


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