I Send a Comforter-Part 1

A little light

After a day of amazing revelation of the scripture through classes, reading, and the ministry of a sermon; I cannot help but share something that has been on my heart today.  God did not leave us alone.

God, creator of the universe, God of Israel, God of Abraham and God of all has eternally dwelling with man.  The true God has never left us or forsaken us, From the past before time God purposed to dwell with us and be our Savior (Eph 3:8-11). You can check out the many Psalms and read of his faithfulness to Israel. A nation that was ordained to bring to the whole world the ultimate blessing of the Messiah(Gen12:2)!  God did not leave us alone ever.  Whatever you may be experiencing or what you may face in the future know this truth that God did not leave us alone. From the creation of Man, God addresses the need for companionship as He provided Eve for Adam saying “it is not good for man to be alone”.  Not only on the physical but also in the spiritual sense, mankind is not meant to be alone.  So many times we can speak and think of Jesus in the past tense. This is historically correct but the furthest thing from the truth in life’s experience. Jesus Christ the messiah, the Lamb of God slain for our sin is also named and proclaimed to be Emanuel.  God with us! It is a mistake to think that this name is constrained to Jesus’ life here as he walked this earth, although it is accurate it is not the precise truth.  The precise truth is that Jesus is still God with us through the Holy spirit! Check out John 16:1-15, Matthew 28:19-20,Luke 24, and Acts 1:8.  You will see something amazing that cannot be denied.  God is  still with us!  We have a comforter,a Holy Spirit, a minister to all the world ministering truth.  John 16 is so beautiful as Jesus speaks to his disciples. He ultimately  is speaking to us presently as it was more expedient for him to go away than to stay and withhold the Holy Spirit from us.  The attributes of God shared with the world through the Spirit, what a treasure and what a powerful truth.  2 Tim 1:7  For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.   The Holy Spirit’s work in the world is tremendous and as Jesus foretold it surpasses  the ministry he had while he physically walked this earth. John 14:12  Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.  He fulfilled what was required for our salvation and with that he imparts his Spirit to all who believe on him.  You are blessed to be justified by faith and also be a partaker of God’s Spirit.  We are fully redeemed back to God. We have access to an unhindered relationship with God as Adam had unhindered relation in Spirit long ago before Sin.  We have the bodies of corruption but If you have accepted Christ, you have the Spirit of incorruption dwelling in you.  This is not a light thing, it is not something that you can take casually, but it is far from a burden.  We have taken on the yoke/burden of Christ which is light and easy to bear Matt 11:29-30.  Life through the Spirit of God is the most liberating,captivating,illuminating, and exuberant life possible.  For no matter what the circumstance, no matter the tribulation, no matter the suffering we have a Spirit of joy, peace, and of understanding. A believer can look life in the face and see through the muck and have a lasting joy inside as we understand truth through the ministry of the Spirit.  Read the Word, the Spirit will meet a hungry heart there. The Holy Spirit will meet a hurting heart in a sermon at church. The Spirit will meet a confused heart in a study of the Word.  If you believe in Christ, you have three open doors to meet the Spirit of God and grow in an inner life of Joy, peace, and of understanding. These will be shared later this week though…Be transformed to his way today as You know God did not leave you alone and If you just believe today you no longer have to be alone!





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