Redemption is Coming!

Redemption is coming from the LORD of Host with armies great in glory

Redemption is coming as it is always the intent of The Holy God’s great story

Desolation and famine is what you have known

But redemption is coming and great glory will be seated on the throne

Great Zion, New Jerusalem. The New kingdom is come

Redemption is coming accept the Savior and put away Sin’s sum

Turn ye even to me with all your heart

Redemption is coming as it is the Love of God that sacrificed all from the start

With fasting with weeping and with mourning come to me solely

Come unto your God, who is merciful and Holy

Rend your hearts and not your garments, for I look upon what is within

Polished and righteous you may feign, but I Am sees the sin

Turn unto the LORD your God for he is gracious and merciful slow to anger and of great kindness

Redemption is coming from the clouds with light to heal all the blindness

I speak of the latter; please know redemption is already done

It came of a virgin, adorned in the common things, but inwardly was God’s Son

Do not be downtrodden by what the locust, cankerworm and caterpillar has eaten

For no matter the circumstance, God has been with you and all your enemies have been beaten

Redemption is coming, it is by faith and belief that it can come over you today

Redemption is within the Cross of sacrifice that ended the reign of Satan’s way

“Go your way”, what a lie, what an injustice, what a scheme and deception from below

When in going your own way, you have fallen into destruction that only the wrath of God can flow

Be no longer deceived; be no longer desolate among your barren fields

Give God your heart and unto His will as your way yields

A yielded heart, God will greatly bless

Redemption is coming, give yourself wholly to Him and proclaim it to the rest

Locust and plague will by no means be in your land to stay

Redemption is coming out of Zion, let the barren land give ear to His way

For our land is our heart, the inner man, our living spirit

The locust of Sin and judgment come in destruction, but redemption is offered to all who will hear it

Barren will our spirit be if we leave it devoid of truth

A great mystery of brokenness never to be solved by detective or sleuth

Hear the cry of Joel, a prophecy of old but also for our coming age

A promise of great redemption out of the barren lands; as wars prevail and rage

A coming desolation, one greater than we can comprehend

A crisis so dire that no plan or resistance will quell it or cause it to rend

The wrath of God is severe; do not think unrighteousness has gone ignored

Accept the provision of grace that God has sent as He loves all, even the outcast and the abhorred

Your life is eternal; it is eternally bought at great price

Live the life more abundant, free from the bondage of sin, the life found in Christ

For as the land of Israel was laid waste in time before

There is a greater field within our heart that is barren, broken and scored

Hard the ground has become as the frost of sin has delved deep

Unable to grow the beautiful things of life, unable to harvest and reap

Many things of destruction have been sown into the barren land

Redemption is coming, do not dwell here long, and reach out to God’s hand

For outstretched God’s arm has always been and forever until the day of the Lord will it persist

Cultivate the hardened land, break thy fallow ground and open your heart to the one you constantly resist

Redemption is coming, look for the sheep bearing a message among the many wolves

Bearing a message of grace and liberty, a message of hope and joy

A message for the broken, a message for the hurting and blind

A message for you, a message for me

Redemption is coming, listen to the Lord our God come unto Him and see


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