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  • Seven Statements of the Cross

    Spring Tree

    “I can have life simply by accepting the Gospel as I am privileged to hear it.”

  • Rivers Flow

    Rivers of mercy await. Get in the flow of Gods grace!

  • How Close is Heaven?

    If heaven was close, would you desire to be there? Its closer than we know, and its price has been paid, be transformed to His way, accept Christ today!

  • Grace

    The value of a soul is priceless, yet its redemption is freely given.

  • God’s Thoughts are Kind

    I have noticed something growing up in church culture, our perception of God is often skewed. Either by preference, tradition or even scholarship we have a great capacity to misinterpret and miscomunicate who God is to those around us. “(8) For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the […]

  • Who Am I?

    Who am I God that you consider me one to heed to what you have to say? Who am I to be couunted as one of your children when with your children I did not stay? Who am I really, I ask because I do not know where I stand Who am I to be […]

  • Why Must The Heathen Rage?

    Why must the heathen rage, why must the unrighteous live and tread on? I have been faithful to thy statutes God and justice I see has not been carried out or done. Why must the evil within my heart be something I must carry and overcome? Why impart a new creation when the old is […]

  • Harps in Willows

    When we remembered Zion, it was a time and a season of great sorrow. For my soul is in great exile and my wounded spirit cannot move onto tomorrow. I hang the harps among willows, I dare not sing the song of my home or of the glory of my Savior. I am exiled from […]

  • Thankful

    Thought it only fitting to post a short on thankfulness. hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day… Thankful for it is all I can be When Your Son gave His life upon that Tree Thankful for it is the joy in my heart As you continue to fill me with truth and hold faithful […]

  • Much in the Least of things

    You make much of the least of things, a concept I cannot comprehend or bear You make much of great suffering, I know you were not its author but why must I continue Much of the least of things, you have made a mansion out of a condemned venue Why must I endure in such […]

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