Harps in Willows

When we remembered Zion, it was a time and a season of great sorrow.

For my soul is in great exile and my wounded spirit cannot move onto tomorrow.

I hang the harps among willows, I dare not sing the song of my home or of the glory of my Savior.

I am exiled from my joy and separated from my sanctified behavior.

My oppressor demands me to sing, demands to hear the song of my long forgotten home.

But I find I cannot sing of such things when I am broken within my soul.

I then encourage myself in The Lord, keeping the the matter to my mind.

Recalling the kindness of my Savior, I then know this exile will not overcome me and I must see
beyond the lies.

I need not hang my heart’s harps among the willows, I need not forsake the joy seated and
secure within my spirit

Rejoice evermore, I say rejoice for my Savior has overcome the oppressor, I hear the trumpets of victory and the joy is there I can feel it.

Remember the Lord, in your day of exile and trouble.

For no situation can overcome the power of God, my God the great renovator that restores broken heart’s

By the rivers of Babylon weep no more for it is here deliverance starts.

Captive to situations no more, remember the Savior upon Calvary’s cross.

Play the harps strong and sing the song of heaven, as it is finished, captives have been set free, and Jesus Christ seeks to find all who have been lost


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