Much in the Least of things

You make much of the least of things, a concept I cannot comprehend or bear

You make much of great suffering, I know you were not its author but why must I continue

Much of the least of things, you have made a mansion out of a condemned venue

Why must I endure in such great pain, what is there to advance my cause when all I feel is the rain?

 . . .

Great I thought I was, but tribulation has been the norm

Why must I be surrounded in silence in prosperity and great counsel and wisdom in the storms?

Your ways are not my ways; Your thoughts are nowhere near what I have thought

Much of the least of things, why have I not attained what I desperately sought?

A broken vessel full of hope, leaking from the cracks and blemishes throughout

A field of great fruit, filled with water, but constantly in drought.

Much of the least of things, why must You operate this way?

Why must my ability be made of no value, and my weakness be what You value and cherish?

I am beginning to realize it is the least of things within that allow me to grow where others may perish.

For much of the least of things, is the cry of humanity as we will look unto Your great throne

Redeemed, made new, given life in grace and nothing less

You make much of the least of things, beauty out our mess

What strength is there within weakness, and what greatness is there among the meek?

What boldness is there among the timid, and what courage is among the weak?

You have made much of the least of things, the least of things being me

Low self-esteem, insecure, unsure, and unwilling to move on

You have made much of me and have given me a new song.

Why is it we find rest in the things that imminently are our destruction?

Why is it that our ears will close when we are given a revelation of You and healthy instruction?

Much of the least of things no matter our flaws or imperfections

You have advanced the weakest over the strong, contrary to our finest collections

How can the ideas from our minds transcend a mind that is eternal, and far above?

Much of the least of things, believe this and you too will experience a great love.

No matter the questions, the doubts, the guilt shame and fear found within

No matter the reason the intellect or IQ we may achieve

God has set His way so all can come unto Him and receive

A life everlasting, a life that my words could not begin to explain

Volumes of grace, and revelation and truth that no books can contain.

We look to a book, the Bible, just a fraction of revelation in our darkened eyes of its author eternally existent and full of great character and love

For much of the least of things God has made all things so that we may look to Him above.

So no matter what gaps or questions unanswered within what we can perceive from revelation given to us hear below

There is a life behind truth that will give depth to the smallest revelation, an eternal source that will forever flow.

Much of the least of things, let my life be a testament of its verity

For in the once insecure, unsure, and stressed soul there is now peace, joy, love and great clarity

Much of the least of things, no matter how great you may think you are

For what greatness do you have when your life is but a blip upon existence among the sun our morning star?

You are but dust, the sooner you realize this the better your life can be

For in the revelation of being the least of things, there is a hope of being made much dwelling with God in eternity.


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