Rivers Flow

How rain can become an ocean a mystery few know, to
take the trials of life and create greater men is just how the rivers flow.

How streams work their way to creeks,then to lakes the
capacity grows. To take the least of men and make a leader is the rivers flow.

From the highest mountains to the depths of the earth
down below, my Savior came from heaven into this earth to bring the rivers flow.

Able to use the feeblest particles of dust He has given us
glory to show, to a lost and aimless rain that seeks to find the rivers flow.

Streams of mercy, lakes of love, and oceans of grace, the rivers flow sheds its love abroad so men may see Gods face.

Violent rapids yet serene, powerful with a presence of peace the rivers flow is eternal with blessings that will
never cease.

Whether you are a mere drop in an ocean or a great sea, who can know? Just draw near to the waters of Christ and drink of the precious rivers flow.


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