Thought it only fitting to post a short on thankfulness. hope you enjoy and have a wonderful day…

Thankful for it is all I can be

When Your Son gave His life upon that Tree

Thankful for it is the joy in my heart

As you continue to fill me with truth and hold faithful from the start

Thankful for the relationships here below and the one I have above

For all are greatly blessed by your grace and unfailing love

Thankful for the circumstances of pain and of doubt

Teaching me to be strong and live abundantly when trials leave me without

Thankful for the time that I have been blessed with here in  this life

Thankful for family, thankful for healing in my strife

Thankful that life transformed is one worth living

For when I am thankful to you, My Savior, I find  life that keeps on giving

Thankful I am no longer who was before

Not that who I was was all that bad, but your grace has led me towards more

More tribulation, more victory over my those trials

More purpose when I wake in the morning, more wisdom as I travel life’s many miles

More forgiveness, when I fail expectations I have set before

More grace, while I was yet a sinner, your grace had reconciliation in store

More thankful, for all has been given and taken away within Your great love and infinite glory

Thankful above all to be counted as your own and part of Your everlasting story

Be transformed to his way and give thanks always unto our great God for all he has done, invested, taken away, given, and loved

1 Thes 5:18


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