Who Am I?

Who am I God that you consider me one to heed to what you have to say?

Who am I to be couunted as one of your children when with your children I did not stay?

Who am I really, I ask because I do not know where I stand

Who am I to be your messenger or carry out Your commands

I am blessed in my past, and a miracle living among the others meek and humbled

But I am not the one to talk as my lips are slow and prone to stumble

I stand on your Holy ground, but I am evil and ordinary to the bone

I am not set apart from the rest as I am a murderer in the wilderness reaping what I have sown

I try to appease others, and do great things so they may be free

But everything I touch Lord is cursed and I corrupt everything I see

Consume me in Your fire, burn me to the dust

For I am nothing more than what this world can offer where moth corrupt and the air rust

Who am I, I cannot ask You anymore as I stand on a solid case

But your presence refuses to leave me and continues to stay in this hallowed place

I am with You, that is all you have to respond to my plea

I am with You go to the world and set my people free

I am God, I know exactly who you are

You are the one I am choosing right now to make my nation as countless as the stars

You are what I will define you to be, nothing that you can prescribe

You will be what my character imputes to you and what I can describe

You are my prophet, my messenger, my sanctified saint

You are not anything apart from me other than a man covered in sin’s taint

So who are you today, now that you stand before Your Holy God?

What question is this, when I have been with you from your conception and saved you from Satan’s rod

Leave Egypt with my people, their stay has come to an end

For I have heard the cry of my people and it is my word I now send

I will display my glory before you and the entire world for a time and season

So go let my people go and know the suffering to come has great purpose and reason

For the longer the suffering the greater the redemption

Greater the persecution, greater will be my name when it is mentioned

The longer the suffering, the greater your depravity will be made known

And greater the salvation from above from the Almighty God on Grace’s throne

For I am not just leading you out of Egypt or its oppression

I am leading you to me where there is purity and perfection

I will give my law; I will demonstrate who you are before my face

No matter what provision I send, you will fail and fall short without my grace

You will learn that you are cursed, but in me you are blessed

You will see my Shekinah glory, you will be tried in the wilderness

For who you are cannot be described here in this life

Who you are is in me, so I send you out to keep my promise, and conceive my Son fitted for your strife

Who you are is not from this earth but is defined and was ordained from above

Who you are now is a fallen creature, but in me I redeem you to the vessel of grace and love

Who you are is not what you have done or what I will have you do

Who you are is not a question anymore as I am with you

For my name will be written on your forehead, my nature will be yours to hold

Your glory will be as my Son’s glory with light of I AM with understanding and truth untold

Who you are is not your purpose, but it is mine

For who you are is defined by my Grace and love divine

Your flesh and soul constrain you, but they do not designate

What I have in store for you, my chosen sons and daughters, let my life be in you be and resonate

Let Who I am be who you are

The apple of mine eye the redeemed morning star

More glorious than the host above, that is what I intend you to be

Perfect by sacrificial love, eternally dwelling with me

You are my pearl of greatest price that I gave all of myself to receive

My treasure and my glory, an expression of my character, a channel for my love to be perceived

Who am I but your Savior, Your sacrificial provision upon the cross?

The one who greatly loved willing to give it all for you that was lost

For no greater love is this, than a man lay down his life for his friend

This love have I given you, and my life have I given so that our friendship may never end

May who I am be the Holy ground on which you forever stand

For love I did not spare and victory on the cross I have saved you from Egypt’s oppressive hand


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