Seven Statements of the Cross

Spring Tree

“Forgive them for they know not what they do” is the cry of our Savior as He speaks to me and you. For we know not our right hand from our left and we carry on in sins, walking deceived as unwary getaway cars from a theft. We drive far away from such a great Sin not aware of what judgment awaits at the destination at the end.

Here, I am encountered, confronted, and my offense is made plain as I am crucified beside Christ who knows me by name. “Remember me, Remember me” I cry and I plea, before Jesus who is worthy to condemn but chooses instead to set me free! Now my place is established in paradise I am promised to Christ to meet, I now find myself where Mary and John are weeping at Jesus’ feet.

It is here I am given a new family and identity is established as I am charged with another’s care; the mother who has lost her dear son is now my mother to cherish and graciously bear. Empowered I now stand, forgiven I am are made free, pardoned I am before Jesus Christ in the midst of Him being forsaken so God can have communion with me. He who knew no Sin, became Sin so I would not have to ever pay an eternal debt. If I can avert my eyes from myself, I can instead accept God’s only Son whom He graciously sent.

Like Jesus on the cross I can learn what is to truly thirst. In a world so wicked and wayward I can find righteousness and peace when I am at my worst. For “IT IS FINISHED”, in God’s manifold wisdom the perfection of all creation is done. From the beginning of time God laid the foundation for all things to be made whole by The Son.

Into the Father’s hands I now can in faith commit my once dead and wayward spirit; For by Christ alone in His life,His crucifixion, His resurrection and ascension I can have life simply by accepting the Gospel as I am privileged to hear it.

  1. “Forgive them for they know not what they do”
  2. Remember me..”Today you will be with me in paradise”
  3. “Behold your son,behold your mother”
  4. “My God,My God why hath thou forsaken me”
  5. “I thirst”
  6. “It is Finished”
  7. “Into your hands, Father I commit my spirit”

May these statements resonate this Easter as Christ in His final moments did what this poem exclaims for you and me. Be Transformed to His way today, accept the gospel of Jesus Christ and be saved and you too can be completed in what God has done for us through Christ.


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