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Stories of Redemption

Since we have settled into what we pray will be our long-standing home here in Serbia, we have been privileged to receive precious people in. We would like to share just a couple of their stories here as hearing them ourselves encouraged us greatly.

The Man Who Didn’t Die

He has openly shared his story with us so it is no breach to share it here as it is a profound account of God’s mercy extended toward us! It begins as a story of one who had all the connections to the wrong things. One thing indeed led to another and he ended up being in a mortal car accident. His friend, who was driving the vehicle met his end that day, and this dear brother although trapped within a contorted piece of steel suffered little harm. Moments before the wreck happened, he called out to Christ to save his soul, as he was aware that was his need from being ministered to by the ministry here, and God did indeed save him that day. Many things followed that day, he left his old life and friends just days before consequence found them all, he to this day is being cleansed of the substances that once had their hold on his life, and above all Mercy precedes justice in his life as God has time and time again spared him from dire consequences all to reveal his dear place as God’s child. Pray for Vlad as God continues to glorify Christ through his life.

The Man of a Holy Heritage

This man has been an absolute gift to us as he bears the marks of our Savior in his life. Christ found him in Central Asia where his faith put him at odds with his very own family. over time the country he comes from determined that he had to decide between identifying as Muslim or Orthodox and he chose neither as he identified as we do, believers of the most-High Jesus Christ. This decision put him in the very same prison that he once used as he was ministering Christ to young prisoners. But God made a way of escape by means of an orthodox priest who pitied his situation thus giving him asylum in Serbia. He exclaims that his home is heaven and it is a joy to partake of the suffering he has endured and still endures as he is estranged from his very own children. He shares his faith powerfully and has been an absolute blessing to us as we witness his life.

The Harvest of Joy

Day to day here has been a great witness to us that God is intent on following through with ALL that He has promised. All the situations have panned out to be great good, trials of our faith have worked great fortitude of character worth its weight in gold, the quiet times of uncertainty have resonated with words from God’s throne revealing that this truly is the way to walk out a Christian life. The reception here, like anywhere is unique to its people and culture. The people here in Serbia are so kind, helpful, and carry a great sense of moral duty within their hearts to honor God. Orthodox Christianity has its fruit here but many are not receiving the glorious gospel within that context. The Bible has little authority within this context and traditions are in constant state of re-interpretation resulting in a religious identity with no spiritual reality. The concepts of attending a local church regularly is quite foreign and can at times be a large ask for those unfamiliar with the precious treasure of the body of Christ. But the fields are WHITE, the nation stands vastly unreached with people groups from all over the world, many peoples from the 10-40 window! There is a great harvest of joy here and it is worth its weight in prayers with tears.

Beauty is outside and inside and the influence is great but few are hearing of the redemptive work of Christ within, pray these places can become places of great worship in Spirit and Truth. We are believing that the believers among them will become great preachers of the gospel.
Vietnamese People Receiving Tracts and Connections to the Church!

Our Vision and Prayer according to The Great Commission:

“All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore(Reach), and teach(Teach) all nations, baptizing(Immerse Them in Christ’s Truth) them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all(Challenge their capacity) things whatsoever I have commanded you:(Engage their faith in Biblical Responsibility) and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world (See Them faithfully kept by God’s Grace). Amen.” 

Matt 28:18-20

Please pray as we believe God to:

  • Reach: Evangelism to the Lost
  • Teach: Biblical Study and Training in the Word of God
  • Immerse others in Christ’s Truth: Fitting into the fellowship of the Church, discovering their Identity in Christ, and Observing the Ordinances
  • Challenge their capacity: Biblical Discipleship and Biblical Accountability
  • Engage their faith in Biblical Responsibility through His Ability: Opportunity and Leadership Development in the Church
  • See Them faithfully kept by His Grace: Faithful Feeding and Fruitfulness in their Lives

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