The Saturated Life: Thoughts and Ponderings

    What is it to be saturated in life? What does it mean why should it be a subject matter for meditation among the busyness of life and its many priorities and urgent facets? One can be saturated with many things, but the substance or the weight of these things is a point of concern, especially when we consider the outpouring of these things to others. Humanity in its primary forms is a cycle of filling and pouring, learning and teaching, trial and evaluation. The existence we live is an existence demanding reciprocation. The question is now this, what is it that we are reciprocating propagating and pouring into others? Take a moment to truly reflect on this question, take some time to realize the gravity of its implications. It is sobering, it is fearful and it is empowering to come to the realization that our life no matter how menial or majestic has a lasting impact on others. The word of God is clear that no man lives a solitary life, and no man is without an impact to the man beside him/her in life. We were created,formed and fashioned for each other,community, and relationship. There is no denial that man cannot live truly alone and be fully self sufficient in the deeper things within life. Can one truly live sufficiently and fulfilled as a solitary man? Is there provision for such a life in earth? As the wind and the waves all things pass away, all things have a season of richness followed by a lasting bitterness and decay. The undertows and aftershocks of all the provisions man can offer will strip any trace of once found satisfaction. So relationship and community are essential and integral in the satisfactory life of man. It is in this that we find the reciprocal cycle of man and the saturating and outpouring of life physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. Life cannot be whole apart from the many parts comprised. With this truth we now find a God given responsibility that all adhere to. Whether they are God fearing believers or staunch atheist, all actively affect and shape the world they live in.
    Humanity was created to shape this planet, define its environment, mold its natural laws and have dominion over its functions. We were created to have a relationship with all of creation and its intrinsic details. In this relationship we had the power to define, redefine and truly have a slice of creation power with God. In the beginning man was truly in a saturated state with God and creation. From this point all that was required was an outpouring of life in pure experience and discovery. We had the liberty to define life on this planet and make it as simplistic or complex as we desired within the stage of Eden, a pure biological,chemical,ecological, and environmental utopia. What happened to this saturated life and what has changed? For any christian reader the answer may be plain, but I challenge you to not be caught up in the established understanding of what we like to call the “fall of man”. Really take a moment to think about this, stop reading now and just meditate on this. From what I have described so far what has changed, what has happened to this saturated life?
I believe the moment we believe everything changed at the fall, we also believe that God’s design was in someway flawed. I believe in the eternal perspective (the true reality inn life) absolutely nothing changed that day as the conditional things were now coming to pass for the unconditional to be ushered in. The fall in the eternal plan seems to only advance the divine providence of God as it is from this point we see God reveal himself to man through the revelation of His word to man. It is actually later that we see a more pivotal and impactful change from death to life, and conditional living to unconditional living. There is the point in time that our “Common era” tipped into play. This is the cross. When the truth and life gave undying deity the taste of death and of a lie, when the living water thirsted, when the living bread was broken, and when the living word was found silent.(Isa 53)) This is a day that truly everything changed as heaven and earth saw redemption. Don’t dwell to long where you have fallen, because at this point your potential, your dreams, and your impact stand unchanged and unhindered. Life does not empty into the pits we fall into, it rather empties into the plateaus that follow. The greatest point for impact and effect will always follow the events and circumstances threatening to shape the impact and effect for you. This is why the cross must triumph over the fall, and why nothing should change until the cross. Jesus Christ changed everything as He fulfilled all that we could never fulfill and demonstrated a love that gives fulfilling purpose, Identity and hope to all that seek it. saturated life in the beginning only stood as a glimpse of what was to come when things immutably changed in Christ. don’t believe today that our lives are defined and shaped within our failures or successes as it is truly the pressure behind these things that shapes us most. We have an opportunity behind these events to saturate our lives and pour into others. The success ushers in reciprocation as failure often ushers growth, this is the key to a saturated life. If we realize in the eternal we have an opportunity behind the circumstances and our always present situational awareness in time, we are holding a key that opens a great door. To realize behind the fall there is a cross where everything can change, what a revelation and amazing truth we will hold.
    A saturated life, also must hold the right kind of substance. As I stated at the start we can be saturated with many things, but are they truly weighty and important things for the reality of the eternal? First principle being the cross perspective, and the reality that things truly change after circumstantial events rather than before when they are caused; we now look towards the second principle in a saturated life. Plainly spoken it is no more than doing what is eternally cherished by God, but so few words have a lot of weight and require an explanation. The question I imagine with this statement would most likely be: what does God cherish? It is a fair question and a solid meditation as we go about life. It is also the very reason why the word of God is accessible to man. The word, the beautiful Bible is the revelation of God and written record of what He cherishes most. It is the window into the eternal and the balance for which we can put our life on and weigh its eternal value. You may have just stopped with these statements and immediately think: “ if the Bible is the guide, I am out,disqualified and unable to even adhere to one word of it” You are honest and indeed right. Before you leave this though, remember the cross perspective as you are only in the fall and forgetting the true catalyst on the cross. In the midst of the cross, you are within a shadow that can cover you from judgment’s eternally fatal light. In the midst of a cross perspective you can actually hold the word of God and live it! Even more than that it will live through you, you can approach its pages and see your life unfold before your eyes. This is the power of the cross, as it is there that you can bring your life whether it is empty or saturated with the vain and receive the ultimate sponge for the holy and the eternal. The Holy spirit is this sponge, and he is also the sponge’s user that squeezes out the purity that God will invest in our lives. The second principle is to walk by faith in the spirit of God. I can exegete and unpack this further, but I also would like to leave you with some food for you to find in the eternal library of God’s word. Just know to saturate your life adequately with the eternal, you must do all things in faith. Acting in faith requires the spirit as it is a gift of the spirit (Rom 12:3). Also faith is the sole act of the spirit in our lives that pleases God as Hebrews 11:6 states:” But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.” 

    The amazing aspect to the saturated life is behind both of these scriptures, as you can plainly see we are once again full and saturated with God because we do not perform or even carry out these decrees of God. We unconditionally live in grace and saturation in Christ. We are not shades of what is to come as Adam was in the beginning, we are the fulfillment of what is to come in Christ. The saturated life is nothing more than an exchange of the conditional living of Adam and the law for the unconditional living in Christ and grace. You are subject only to blessing, and you are but a vessel of blessing for others to draw from when you can reckon the implications of a crossed out life. Crossed out of the pressure to cause events and bring about change and brought into a life that is eternally saturated and shaped daily, able to weather and persist in the midst of any and all circumstance. This is easy to write and explain, but is a struggle and complex truth to sort out in application within our soul and spirit. I cannot sufficiently put the whole of this matter into words, its complexity is deep, its many facets are innumerable, its implications for our lives is eternal. To live saturated is such a gift and can be an amazing blessing for those who are reading this in its pursuit. It is found at the cross, it is received through repentance, and it is lived out in the eternal state of man, the state that we were created to live in from the start. Be transformed to his way, find the saturated life in Christ today and know that all who receive Christ have the saturated life worthy to bless and change the world.


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