Cambodia Awaits!

     There is this amazing opportunity this coming August and I could not help but extend it to all of you to be a part of.  In short there is a team of 3-8 men and women who will be embarking to go into Cambodia (Southeast Asia) with the Gospel, with Bible teaching, and Biblical counseling. It is a young nation as war has torn it apart and has pratically eradicated the older generations. It also has come to my attention as a place opening up more and more to the good news of Jesus Christ and the precepts and teachings of the Bible.

Beyond the opportunity and the amazing team behind the mission, there is this stirring within me for these people who I have yet to meet…

     without much explanation I have this desire to give up my time, my finances, and a part of my life for the sake of these people getting a hold of what I have found most dear. That is the gospel, Jesus Christ,and the amazing doctrine of the Bible .  I have been actively and deeply entrenched in ministry in Baltimore, MD as I have been learning the Bible for myself in Seminary.  It has been my occupation and anytime I have had opportunity to extend this amazing life to others I have gladly went for it.  Baltimore, Philadelphia, PA , Kansas City, Tenessee, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Hungary. There has been no regret and no reservations in moving forward when an opportunity has come along. But unlike these amazing journeys in the past which have been within my personal means to supply and grab onto Cambodia stands beyond me.

    It’s simply beyond me to do this, and by some reason or other I felt that this should not just be on me to perform.  I write this to extend an invitation to be a part of this month journey (August) where a team and I will be setting groundwork for a lasting ministry in this country to these precious people. Anything is greatly appreciated, prayer, financial support, or even just getting the word out ( Link is Below).

Be transformed to His way, be a part of an eternal purpose, go to a foreign field yourself with the Gospel, share your faith where you are at now, give to those who are moving towards the lost with the Gospel, by all means let Christ go beyond YOU! Have a blessed Weekend and Enjoy a great Memorial Day with friends and family.



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