The Song

Faith, faith what a calling and what a cry
Faith a call to believe my loving savior lest I die
A call to be healed, a call to be renewed
A call to love others and a call to be loved and eternally pursued
Pursued by God above and cultivated in His grace
Faith the ability to see beyond the veil and meet Jesus face to face
Where has faith gone, when did I ever attain or acquire,
A longing for God and a heart soft to the Spirit driven by consecrated desire?
My gaze has met the cross, its healing power I cannot comprehend or describe
I know in looking towards my Savior crucified, it was then my faith came alive
Can these bones live? Only You my Savior know
And only you can take the condemned seed I am and make it grow

There is a song, that is sung and within each man audible but unheard
It is a song uniting all creation, with harmonies sweet, octaves high and low
The song that is unsearchable, indescribable, yet is given in written and spoken word
This is a song that all have heard at one time, but has become lost in blindness that only grows
How do I know it exist, how do I explain its complexity in such simple verse?
The truth is that it remains unknown in its perfection, but in part has been rehearsed.
Heard among small factions, minorities of love, joy and peace
People that once sang different notes and a muddled song
but by a force of mercy have been included in the choir to sing the song in sweet release
A release as it is a song of freedom, a release as it is the song of adventure and stories short and long
A release that is complete as it has defined the right and the wrong
Forsaking all this choir has joined together in a band unbroken in love
Embracing the song in its unity and peace and glorifying the God above
Thank the composer thank the mind behind such song filled with grace’s power
A composer that came and gave the verse we now sing and saved us from our darkest hour
What fire now dwells within the choirs’ hearts, what love is being shed abroad
What a song to embrace the unique nature of all who sing and what mercy to withhold heaven’s rod

May the song be sung more, may it find receptive ears and open mouths, its echo has an ever wanton cry
A song thirsting for more in the choir, the band, a song calling all to come and die
Why must death bring such a beautiful song, flowing verse, and lasting satisfaction?
It is a question that haunts all that come to sight again, it is the question demanding reaction.
What must you do then new seer, enlightened soul?
Hold onto the song that has torn me apart or embrace the song that will make me whole?
Let the light pierce your ears and go beyond what eyes can see
For there is a song in the spectrums of color proclaiming in death you will be made free.
Oh great song, I hear a new verse one written but has yet to be manifest in the air
A verse of greater volume, perfection, a verse that will indeed reveal the song as a whole
Oh Glory, oh light unseen, mercy and grace taking true form releasing us from the blind songs care
Come quickly oh song, my soul longs for thee in your perfection and glory
Complete the song that is sung among the choir, the band, and finish time’s story
Let no one be left alone, without this song and its coming magnificence and final solution
Saving all who were once blind and sparing the spurned from the blind songs retribution
Let all who have ears hear, let all those who have heard be a resonating strong choir
Singing the eternal song with fervency, confidence, and consuming fire.



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