• The Purity of Salvation:Galatians 3

    https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-izpzn-dff706 What an amazing time of Study this was and what a privilege to share it now. This time we dive into Soteriology, faith, and foundational truths regarding the gospel of God’s grace. The study works through Galatians 3 and is packed with content at 54 min. So with no more to say with stammering […]

  • The Accountability and Conviction of Grace

    https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-xerhd-dfb8d3 Moving into Chapter 2 of Galatians we discuss the “teeth” of God’s grace and how it can establish boundaries, accountability, and conviction in our life. Also quite relevant for the current issues regarding prejudice. A 54 min listen and as promised a little better diction 🙂 With Stammering Lips may the Grace of God […]

  • With Stammering Lips, New podcast

    With Stammering Lips, New podcast

    New podcast to enjoy!

  • Galatians 1: Grace Creates Life

    https://www.podbean.com/media/share/pb-c2d7b-de9495 Our Intro and movement into the book of Galatians 1. It jumps right into it! in time there will be more structure and improved diction, room to grow and this is just the first of many. Also, it is raw from our home and packed with great points so mind the occasional question and […]

  • The Greatest Love

    Originally posted on Christian Not Grey:
    My mind has recently been traveling back to the days of standardized testing in high school.  Every other year or so, without fail, we had to take some state-required test that measured our reading, vocabulary, writing, and mathematical comprehension.  It usually took about a week to complete, and the…

  • Seven Statements of the Cross

    Seven Statements of the Cross

    “I can have life simply by accepting the Gospel as I am privileged to hear it.”

  • Heaven’s hands

    Heaven’s hands

    Fear not,commit your situation to Heaven’s Hands!

  • Quarantined Faith

    Quarantined Faith

    Continue to contact those you love in this time of isolation and realize our faith and the love that shares that faith cannot be quarantined!

  • Wake Up

    Wake Up

    Originally posted on Christian Not Grey:
    Being “woke” has become a popular expression over the past few years.  According to Wikipedia (because we millennials always gravitate to the first result option on a Google search), the expression is actually a political term of African-American origin that refers to a perceived awareness of issues concerning social…

  • Heartbeats of Heaven

    Heartbeats of Heaven

    A great gift for the Christmas ahead! A poetic Gospel tract, devotional or daily reader.

  • Rivers Flow

    Rivers Flow

    Rivers of mercy await. Get in the flow of Gods grace!

  • How Close is Heaven?

    How Close is Heaven?

    If heaven was close, would you desire to be there? Its closer than we know, and its price has been paid, be transformed to His way, accept Christ today!