About This Site

The Vision

Transformed to His way is all about the narrative of the highest importance which is the testimony of Jesus Christ expressed through those who have been transformed to His way by the saving grace and knowledge of The Gospel. We aim to capture themes, testimonies, and personal accounts of Christ changing lives as we live that out in Zrenjanin, Serbia. This site is where our testimony and reflection of that work are shared with you!

The Stories

As a Subscriber or just a casual passerby, you have a great privilege to be part of what Transformed to His way is all about – Your Story. So as you work through the many poems, testimonials, and updates of our life in Christ feel free to contribute and even more connect with us through our Facebook page via messaging or comments where you can initiate conversation and if you desire to share that all-important story of how Christ Transformed you to His way.

The Faith Adventure

Photo Credit to Architectural Digest

Beginning in Jan 2022 my wife and I will be embarking on relocation to the Balkans, specifically Zrenjanin, Serbia where we intend to take part in what God has already initiated in people’s hearts. We are simply going to make friends, build relationships with precious people and cultures, and share the great truth that they are also part of Christ’s all-encompassing plan of salvation!

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