Two lions

There are two lions that contest for my heart, one reigns in rest as the other pursues with intent to devour and tear apart.

The conflict is old and has been a narrative through countless cultures and ages but only one account tells the truth of how this war rages.

Written by hands, feeble, imperfect, like our very own. But the words were not mere tales of lions but words directly from the Reigning lion’s throne.

Wonderfully written with so much care and detail, not letting one jot or tittle fall to the ground or fail.

Preserved through time by the one who reigns on high, telling us of the only story that can truly define the complexities of you and I.

The Bible, yes the book ordained by the lion who reigns, is the only book that tells this tale of two lions with true accuracy and power that never wanes.

So now you know the book to find where this story is born, look further and see it tells the story of why you and I were formed.

We were made in the very image of the only One who reigns, God, the King of kings, Lord of lord’s, the Eternal one of all power, the Name above all names.

Created in absolute integrity, complete in every way with the most ideal planet of all creation as our home; We were given a choice and chose Sin instead of Righteousness as we became victims in a conflict that was not ours to own.

The roaring lion, the serpent, the devil, evil that we all can identify and know, took us in as his child but has no heart to nurture us or help us grow.

This pursuing lion, this creation with pure evil intent desires to see God’s image bearers defamed, twisted, and dismayed. He keeps the secrets of God obscured and would have no one one know the true purpose of why we were made.

Taking the very words of truth and putting them in the hands of those who deal in deceit, that devil will do all to keep us away from Jesus feet.

The question is which lion pride, which kingdom, whose side will you finally rest? With the roaring deceiver or with the Reigning God who gave us His very best.


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