The Purity of Salvation: With Stammering Lips Ep 3


I do not know what to say for this time we had in the study except that it was a time of great peace. The things that were being said and the way they were being said was one of those moments where I believe God used. The content of this time is SO important for anyone whether they are a believer or just an onlooker into things of truth. We come to Christ with nothing to offer, there is absolutely NOTHING we can generate, maintain, or create that would come close to what Jesus Christ has ALREADY DONE!

There is so much to say about this and there is such an attack on the purity of Salvation, but there is 54 min to listen to and I’d hate to take you away from such a powerful time of the study.

Highly recommend a Bible(I use KJV) and a notepad with this study 🙂

Enjoy the Study and as always be Transformed to His way today as Christ truly can save you.


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