Love is on The Table

There is a feast, a grand banquet with invitations extended to any and all men.

It is a feast of a marriage, a supper that joins the Holy with those redeemed from their sin.

No merits or honors are bestowed upon those that attend to witness the bride and groom become forever one.

No giving of vows or exchanges are made as all has been made ready and all required has been done.

It is a large banquet yet to you and me, it is a personal visitation of Heaven’s King from His throne.

It is a feast of the spirit of all things pure, sacred, and of all the wonders man has ever known.

This glorious meeting at time’s cessation, is my hope, my joy, and is the creator of the deepest things of my heart. It is the celebration I was made for and the finest of feast, a divine masterpiece of art.

This occasion unspeakable was made ready when the Savior was born in that historic lowly stable.

And it was given to you and me by His cross as Love is on the table.


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