Sweet words

The day we met, I spoke and life was created within.

My words changed what was corruption into beauty as they removed all your Sin.

As time progressed I spoke things that went deeper into what roots your very soul, with each syllable a new rhythm, a new song that made you whole.

Then crisis arose, in ways it often does questioning what is and doubting what was.

As trials multiplied our connection unfortunately faded, I never left and never will, but within your heart something was trafficked and traded.

Remember my words that worked a miracle in your life: “buy the truth and sell it not” .

Remember my child that I speak words that carry eternity and defined the meaning of all that you once sought.

You say you are with me, yet your heart is truly so far away.

Keep those sweet words that were spoken and do not conform to the world’s ever changing way.

Return to me dear child, turn to catch my loving gaze. You have forgotten what it is to be loved and those sweet words I spoke are but memories passing away.

Keep your appetite my little one, my darling, my heir. Refrain from taking the dainties of fallen kings, flee from that snare!

Eat not a morsel of what they offer lest you forget what you have heard.

It will cause you to vomit up all that was eaten and you will lose thy sweet words.


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