The Spirit of Adoption

This week was such a joy to get into in regard to study and the time in the Bible. Consequently we ended up in theme with Father’s day and it was a great coincidence to be refreshed in the truth that WE, Christians, are Children OF God! To have the Spirit in our hearts truly cry Abba Father is a powerful existence as a Christian because we not only hold a great faith but also a great name.

Briefly, in this time of the study, it is mentioned that Christians, those who have been Transformed to His way are very similar to one who is born into royal status. This a powerful picture when we regard who we are through Jesus Christ redeeming us, adopting us in, and justifying us before Him as one who is equal(although we are far from it). So much more in the study and as always, it is such a privilege to share these moments with all of you. I hope these have encouraged you all and even more I hope that these feeble sermons have indeed led you to be Transformed to His way!


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