Changing Seasons

It is apparent that the world, not just America is moving into another season. New policies, societal norms, cultures, and even shifting religious landscapes are just around the corner as the planet has in a sense stood still this last year.  I can recall boarding the plane to return to the U.S thinking the world is not going to be same when I go out to see it again.  It is true, things are truly changing, leaves are turning, the branches are getting tender, new buds are blooming, the world is showing signs of a new season.

Leaves are turning

So many places, people and things, nouns of before, have turned withered and died this past year. The prospect of going anywhere without a mask is slim in so many places. The idea of gathering is now a call to schedule,plan and reserve space so those attending can feel safe. So much of what was simply is not, our lives have been exposed bare,fragile, and fleeting as the veneer of constant stimulation and entertainment has been quickly removed. The truth is made clear, we are but a vapor, dust, little to nothing in the grand scheme of the cosmos…but there remains a tree that has kept its color.

Branches are getting tender

The backbones of so many ideals, cultures and even nations has been rendered malleable. Something we regarded so rigid is bent,twisted,and unworthy to be trusted for supporting  our lives. We have seen death of children, teens, our elders and the reality has snapped lives into disrepair and regretfully bitter ends as suicide rates soared far beyond that of the virus that acted as the catalyst for it all. But among these tender branches there remains one unhindered,unbroken,and whole.

Buds are blooming

Even though most of the year has been conditioned and framed to be among the worst, unique as it was it was not the worst that ever was.  New life has budded in the trial and latent plants have woke,grown and flourished. Filter through the narrative and you find a story of absolute joy, a life that overcame the darkness and showed others the light. Businesses aided by communities, people aided by their once so distant neighbors, families gathering,cherishing and flowering. Life began new for so many and life can begin new TODAY.  A tender plant has grown to bear forth its fruit!

A new season

That tree with its color still, that branch unbroken and that tender plant bearing forth precious fruit remains for you today. See the changing season and attach yourself to the only one that remains,persist,loves,and heals lives. JESUS.

Jesus spoke in Matthew 24 about the parable of a fig tree, how it changes and by its changes we know that Summer is nigh.  Summer is nigh everyone, will you have roots to weather it? The night is far spent, seek the light of day this new year and transform your life by Christ instead of being molded by the atmosphere of change. If 2020 has changed your heart in any way, I pray that it has softened it, opened it up, sobered it up to see the reality of the time we now live. YOU NEED A SAVIOR! Not a religion, not a self development program, no, no, no…just Faith.

Take an inventory of your heart, see the season coming and plant your feeble feet on a rock that will stand, remain, and keep you. Be Transformed this way today. Trust in Jesus Christ this year,this very hour, He can change everything yet remain unchanged.  Depart from the fiction you may have created and grab hold of the truth. God loves you, He sent Jesus to purchase you with his very own blood, and Christ lives still today.


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