With Stammering Lips, New podcast

A little light

I have been hesitant to do this for quite a while now, but just like the many poems I have written, there was a growing library of recorded studies and sermons that once again prompted me to start sharing.

I will keep them fresh and I promise you the diction has nowhere to go but up, terribly sorry, but that might just be the inner critic talking. Regardless this is the start of something new and with this I pray that it finds listeners who just really need a word of grace to lift their spirit toward the ultimate lifter of our heads, Jesus Christ. Since I have the space here I am going to in a brief word give a little premise to what we will be diving into in the coming weeks.

Galatians for some reason has really been resonating in my heart as this lock-down and riot season has progressed. It has been such a privilege to have time to just simply read the Bible in great heaps. As I though about where to start back with our little in-home studies the subject of Grace just kept moving. Grace is so misunderstood, especially from God because quite simply it is just divine and beyond us. So with this I have been ardently looking into how the scriptures frames it for us to grab the hem of it. It goes beyond a simple action or even an event it is entwined into the very nature of God toward His creation: you and I!

Why Stammering Lips?

I chose the title with Stammering lips because it fits my current delivery and it really captures the gravity of what has to be said in this world. Words have so much weight and should be carefully chosen, and God’s words have all the more! So man cannot adequately speak what God has to say, but through great love and passion of the Holy Spirit our lips can move and occasionally say unspeakable words from God’s throne…aka the Gospel.

Give it a listen please and feel free to comment on the podcast or here on wp, and even though it is just a feeble work it could reach into the darkness of someone’s heart to spark light, so please share as you feel led to do so..

I Highly recommend a Bible to follow along (I use KJV)

As always be Transformed to His way and may Grace create new life in your heart!


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