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  • How Close is Heaven?

    How Close is Heaven?

    If heaven was close, would you desire to be there? Its closer than we know, and its price has been paid, be transformed to His way, accept Christ today!

  • An Adversary to Advance

    An Adversary to Advance

    Ever feel opposed in Your decisions to follow Christ?

  • Grace


    The value of a soul is priceless, yet its redemption is freely given.

  • Who Am I?

    Who Am I?

    Who am I God that you consider me one to heed to what you have to say? Who am I to be couunted as one of your children when with your children I did not stay? Who am I really, I ask because I do not know where I stand Who am I to be…

  • Where have we been?

    Where have we been?

    Where have we been, what have we not seen that the people before had not seen or heard?  Why is there not revival in our cities and multitudes hanging upon every inspired word?  Where have we been, why has the witness, become a witness of evil as it unfolds? Where are we now, where is…

  • The Power of Forgiveness

    The Power of Forgiveness

    In a culture without forgiveness, how can one teach love? How can I speak of mercy when there is no words describing the character of God above?  How can this void be filled, who can stand in this gap so great?  Who has a love so deep for those that can only embrace hate?  Who…

  • Where to Start?

    Where to Start?

    As I walked through and took in the history of the khmer Rouge, the atrocities of Pol Pot, the gravity of true evil in the world, I cannot help but feel a sense of wrath.  I feel a pure hatred of all that stands to represent such evil, and a resolve to take action, eradicate…

  • A Point of No Return

    A Point of No Return

    Lord may I reach the end of my days, not the end of life but the end of my ways. I have been adopted into your family and free course before your throne, but I find the world outside is beckoning me to return to what was known. Known comforts and pleasures, known as my…

  • About Sin and Righteousness Pt 2

    About Sin and Righteousness Pt 2

    Matthew 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. Christ spoke this before many as He preached His sermon on the mount. It is the same call that God gave to Israel in Leviticus stating be Holy as I am Holy, again in Deuteronomy, and Peter states this…

  • Running From God who Desires to be Close

    Running From God who Desires to be Close

     Transparent as glass but hard as refined stone, I am an open book for fame and favor, but in rebuke and truth I remain unknown.  I hear the call from God to be one with His Son,to be holy,it is  a call to be close.  But the very things He touches and rebukes are the…

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