An Adversary to Advance

There is an adversary to advance that is set to withhold good from me and watch me fall, he considers my movements and is determined to rule them all.

I find although defeated the enemy will always fight, even though I am able and equipped for victory I oft struggle to see God’s guiding light.

Why must I walk opposed when I know my adversary stands defeated and why are prayers hindered when my request are backed by a promise to be entreated?

Powerful my enemy stands as he stands greater in stature and might compared to you and I, but defeated he is and victorious the redeemed will stand as his end is drawing nigh.

For we have a Savior by which the adversary was defeated and fell, into darkness our Redeemer plunged as he delivered all from a destined eternity in hell.

So what is there to say as the enemy, that deceitful serpent still persist?

“May the LORD rebuke thee” as I will faithfully hold my stance and by God’s word I will resist.


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