A Point of No Return

Lord may I reach the end of my days, not the end of life but the end of my ways. I have been adopted into your family and free course before your throne, but I find the world outside is beckoning me to return to what was known. Known comforts and pleasures, known as my flesh still fights and continues to pursue.  It pursues my familiar and old nation, the people, the sin I once knew. But I cleave unto my salvation, my flesh calls it bitter although it truth its name is pleasant and sweet. Your people now my people your life to lead, I will follow in word and with my feet. I have chose a point of no return, I will no longer look back but wait as my redeemer will surely take me. There is no return from freedom back to bondage and no return from being made whole and eternally free. There is a place of no return as Lord your Spirit has brought me to life. It bears witness of that great Redeemer above and has removed the handwriting of my past strife.  Even when my flesh cringes and places me where I have been many times before, there is no return as what I can or cannot do defines me no more. We have been redeemed by one that chose to take us as a near kin. Return no more to the past of Moab, Live no longer in your sin. Our near kin, the second as the first was only shamed and could not set us free, has made His feet bare and bought us back on a cross at calvary. There is no turning back as we are accepted, adopted, bought back, and engrafted eternally within the one who considered us in grace. Return to the redeemer lay at his feet and seek His face. 



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