Running From God who Desires to be Close

 Transparent as glass but hard as refined stone, I am an open book for fame and favor, but in rebuke and truth I remain unknown.  I hear the call from God to be one with His Son,to be holy,it is  a call to be close.  But the very things He touches and rebukes are the very things I hold onto the most. The front is strong but there is a war far behind my hearts front lines. I fight valiantly and find success but I walk weakly in failure within this heart of mine. Stop distancing yourself from a God that desires you to be close. Christ the one who knows me and chose to remove sin`s stains, but as the truth is told I run from the rebuke that has the power to break my bonding chains.  I love God from a distance as so many in this world often do. For a God that loves purely, is all to close to the evil my heart relentlessly pursues.  Listen oh hearer there is no reward for willful hearers without active hands and feet. For a follower of God is moving, allowing His word to elevate the spectator from his seat. Going beyond the audience and onto the stage, The follower of God will stand with the living word proclaiming with words and life what is written on each living page. Please oh innate hearers do not turn the soft calls to be closer into burdens of judgment or bigoting cries. For there is no hope for a hardened heart or in a soulish life that only dies. Open up your life, open up the recesses of your mind for Jesus Christ to shine in. For the closer we are to our Savior, the greater the cross will be removing all our sin.



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