Where have we been?

Where have we been, what have we not seen that the people before had not seen or heard?  Why is there not revival in our cities and multitudes hanging upon every inspired word?  Where have we been, why has the witness, become a witness of evil as it unfolds? Where are we now, where is the fire, what has hidden the best story ever told?  The answer is not within us it is seated where it has always been. It is upon the throne next to God, the crucified Son, the payment for all our sin.  Where have we been, why has this truth not enthralled our hearts and minds?  where have you been oh seekers apart from God’s loving gaze as the apple of His flaming eyes? What then is our recourse, to whom shall we go, to what end of satisfaction will we find that there is only one source of life ?  Turn all you nations, repent and change your thinking, see now that there is redemption, there is hope among the web and conspiracy built upon lies. Be no longer deceived as the simple ones we are without Christ. Be wise and step in faith towards the redeemer that gives eternal life.  There is no seen evidence, there is no words to express what my God can do inside, but know oh seeker, the Word is true, the Word is alive.  Breathed by the Spirit of God, dwelling in time, The Word became flesh and saved us all from our fallen lives.  Wholly given to us, wholly He asks us to come and give to Him; the weight of our past and the taint of our sin.  where have we been, why is this truth not overwhelming the enemy and their many lies?  oh how the hearts have hardened, and the seekers are still holding onto their lives…

Seek no more and believe, abandon all that you know, seek first the things of God as there is promise that life everlasting will flow. let go of the sin, let go of what your Sin has held dear, watch the Spirit of God work in your life, watch your heart soften and see true life appear. Look into the Words of life, hang onto all that our God has said, let His spirit lead you through the morning and give you peace upon your bed.  where have we been, your heart will finally cry. As the message has set you free and there are no more chains restraining your life. where have we been other than the other side of battle and a universal war with a victory everlasting, settled in a time past, but presently living as my ascended Savior.

Where have we been oh sin, your vessels intact are no longer yours. There is now a living Spirit that has renewed what you left broken and abhorred. There are stronger bones than the ones you broke, there is resilience where insecurity once reigned. There is a saint within that vessel and a soul you can no longer stain. where have been oh death, where is your final sting? Taken from your grasp we are the saved we are the redeemed. Resurrected with Christ and forever with him among His heavenly throne. We are here, where are across the world, we have been eternally living since the truth was made known.


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