Tag: Outcast

  • Rebuilding the Temple

    Rebuilding the Temple

    I am the ruined temple one that stood glorious before I am the broken vessel, a bag torn and tattered in which nothing can be stored I am cursed and hopeless as I reap little of what I have sown I stand unclean before You, tainted, and unworthy before Your throne You commission me to […]

  • I am the Helpless one

    I am the Helpless one

    I am the helpless one begging on the street I am the woman at the corner, looking for a man to meet I am the invalid having an issue within my blood I am the most wretched of all, the one you missed in the flood I am the helpless one for I have no […]

  • Finding Grace: Redemption in Ruth

    Finding Grace: Redemption in Ruth

    Why have I found grace in thine eyes? When I am from a past and a people despised Why have I found grace in thy sight? When I come from a line of bitterness and a sore plight Having no name, no people spare my mother in law Working among Your people it is virtue […]