Tag: Forgiveness

  • The Treasure

       I look into the mirror and wonder at what I behold, the flesh, the form, the vessel for a living soul.  I wonder at the potential, I wonder at what is hid within, I am in awe of the capacity to follow God and the capacity to live in sin.  A wicked heart indeed, […]

  • About Sin and Righteousness pt 1

    1 Timothy 3: 5 Having a form of godliness but denying the power thereof: from such turn away. The Sin and righteousness of man is that form of godliness, the great counterfeit that the serpent led humanity to. With nothing more than a hollow promise of being like God, man beginning at the fall has […]

  • Eurocon,Bulgaria Update; A Revelation of Evangelism

       Recently I have not been too active in my writing as I have been preparing and then actively traveling through eastern Europe (Hungary,Bulgaria and Greece). I unfortunately do not have many photos to share from my trip, but I do have something far greater than these that is a testimony of God working in […]

  • All The Glory to You: Numbers

    Number your people, number your might Count all that has been given in prosperity and plight Each generation accounted for, every family member,genealogy and name I, Your God, will stand greater no matter how great your number, or how vast you became Number all of your flock, but not to boast in what you have […]

  • I am the Helpless one

    I am the helpless one begging on the street I am the woman at the corner, looking for a man to meet I am the invalid having an issue within my blood I am the most wretched of all, the one you missed in the flood I am the helpless one for I have no […]

  • Receive him as Myself: Grace on Display

    There is the one that wronged you a season and some time ago The offence was great and cost you the bitterness inside could only grow The offender escaped all punishment, his price was never paid The cost was instead was put upon your shoulders and to this day it is laid The offence was […]

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