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  • A Lively Hope

    A Lively Hope

    This was such a great study of hope for me personally, it has been several weeks in the making and although my delivery is unpolished this episode truly does unpack something wonderful for our lives. Three parts to hope presented or as I say it the trichotomy of hope is: 1. A person 2. A […]

  • Two lions

    Two lions

    Choose your pride carefully as only one cares for your soul.

  • Sweet words

    Sweet words

    Proverbs 23:6-8

  • Heaven’s hands

    Heaven’s hands

    Fear not,commit your situation to Heaven’s Hands!

  • The Real Look

    The Real Look

    We all have a favorite hoody or outfit that makes us feel great. Fashion can shape how we feel and think about yourself. The sporty, classy or the casual can put us in a good mood. The world places a high value on our appearance and you never get a second chance to make a […]

  • The Spring: A time for friendship

    The Spring: A time for friendship

    Spring growth is hidden within winter’s cloak as wisdom shrouds itself in the unheard words that great men have spoke. Think not to thyself that as a tree you stand when thy roots are cold and dry clutching to sand. Listen to wisdom speak proclaiming ways of health as the words linger they in their […]

  • A Little Faith

    A Little Faith

    Is it too much to ask for a little Faith?

  • I Owe it Everything.

    I Owe it Everything.

    It is something amazing to Love, truly love. ┬áThis is way beyond your definitions of the word, this is way beyond the constructs of society, this is of Godly proportions. My words will fail this but I would like to go forward and just share a little about Love. To start, Jesus loves me. I […]