I Owe it Everything.

It is something amazing to Love, truly love.  This is way beyond your definitions of the word, this is way beyond the constructs of society, this is of Godly proportions. My words will fail this but I would like to go forward and just share a little about Love.


To start, Jesus loves me. I cannot grasp this love’s depths but I can in a measure share what this love has done.  I am currently 25 as of the 5th and honest to God I have yet to pursue and experience a romantic relationship. I have been living a carefree, solely single and pure life now for 25 years!  No high school or college flings, no dance dates, nothing whatsoever.

Act 20:24  But none of these things move me, neither count I my life dear unto myself. . .

I am definitely not of the Apostle Paul’s caliber regarding this verse, but honestly my life up to this point does not have me overly concerned as I have found a relationship exceedingly abundantly more than any relationship I could ever find.

It is God’s Grace.  ΛΥΛΠΛΩ Love


I began a journey six years back for a career as I was ambitiously exiting high school and readily searching for the american dream.What I found instead was God’s heart. I was three years into my dream career plan and I dropped it all as something inexplicable found its place in my heart.  I sold my large things, packed the small things in a car and went full speed towards Baltimore,MD to learn the more about Jesus.

Be kind and rewind. What?


This is indeed crazy to think about, but this detour in retrospect is the most important decision I have made to date. This decision opened up 10 countries I never would have imagined visiting, this decision changed lives beyond my own, this decision defined my life. This decision was a decision inspired by the truest love.

In this decision I entered into a promise, that led to another promise, that then proceeded to another promise.  Several hundred promises later I began to understand what Love truly is.  It is a sacrifice, it is foolish, it is faith, it is a cross.<insert eternal discourse on God’s love here>

This love has defined,redefined, and altogether transformed my life. It is what inspired writing, it is what inspired painting, it is what inspired loving others that I could not even associate with before, and it is what inspired a persistence in purity. A Pure renewed mind, a pure body, and a pure Spirit; God has given these things to me and has kept them within me by His grace. HE GIVES THIS TO ALL WHO BY FAITH BELIEVE!!

In my heart I desire to love someone someday more than any other  and with that love in heart I make a decision to reserve the very best of who I am in Christ until that day that God adds as He always has.

In the meantime what I do is clear. I love God with all my heart, all my soul and all my might and I love my neighbor as myself.  The moment I learned how to love myself in God’s grace, is the same moment that I was able to love others like no one else could.  I have been Transformed to His Way, His Love, and I owe everything to it.

“Are you betrothed?” the buyer asked her.
“No, only loved,” she answered. “And do you pay for love?”
“No, but I owe it everything.”

-The Singer, Calvin Miller





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